Pizza Hut Customers Robbed During Dinner

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(Memphis) Three men are behind bars accused of robbing a Pizza Hut and customers inside.

It happened Monday afternoon at the Pizza Hut on Winchester across from the Hickory Ridge Mall.

Police say LaCarlton Stone, 22, entered the business with a handgun, took money from the cash register,  robbed an employee and then turned his weapon on three customers sitting at a table.

"It appeared to be a mother and two daughters and both daughters were pregnant
and expecting children. So that’s who he chose to rob at gunpoint as well," said Fred.

A man who only wanted to be identified as 'Fred' said he walked into the Pizza Hut in the middle of the robbery and ran out after Stone pointed a gun at him and told him to leave.

"I thought 'this man is crazy.' That’s why I ran out. It was kind of
surreal you know, it didn’t really register until after I ran out," said Fred.

Fred says he ran to church parking lot and called police.

When police got there, witnesses told them they saw Stone get into a getaway car with two other men at the McDonald's across the street.

Police stopped the car a few miles away, and along with Stone, arrested Tavarious Shipp, 19, and Jeffrey Summers, 18.

They say all three admitted to planning the robbery.

Stone is charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

Shipp and Summers are both facing three counts of aggravated robbery.


  • grayhawk

    So sad, a bank next door an 1 across the street and these fool rob
    a Pizza Hut.
    3 lowlife crackhead off our street for a few dollar.
    PRISON TIME 4 these little THUGS.

    • Jason

      Hickory Hill is the sh…t hole of Memphis. Go there at your own risk. And if you value your life, move immediately…’s only gonna get worse IMO.

  • Anonymous

    It’s truly sad and heart breaking 2of the men come from good homes with good family’s I was the assistant teacher to one of them he thanked me every time I saw him and told me how good he was doing and how he was keeping out of trouble not just a few days ago he played me like a fool and it hurts

  • Hickory Hill Rocks

    Don’t worry anonymous, your good students will be back on the streets of Memphis in no time. Perhaps you can bake them a cake and have a coming home party with these fine young men.

    Hickory Hill is a great place to raise a family and homes are selling at great prices. Also the Hickory Ridge Mall is located nearby with hair and wig stores, nail salons, Ebony fashions and more. Take pride in HIckory Hill, I sure do.

  • Don

    LaCarlton Stone, Tavarious Shipp & Jeffrey Summers, I wouldn’t begin to guess what they look like, Oh well maybe they have their photos on their HGP’s. Or maybe they may show their mug shots, they are all adults. I hope the real owner of the weapon that was probably stolen gets it back.

  • rita

    Why does every comment have to be about race? There was a gun pointed at people who went to WORK to make a living and PEOPLE trying to spent family time together eating pizza. There in lies the tragedy. I don’t think it mattered to them WHO was holding the gun!

    • Lasharon

      I’m with Rita blacks get all the bad news when whites rob stores it ant in the news white people are doin most of the crime in Memphis and yous know its. Hickory Hill is just as safe as Germintown

    • Joe

      Because the robbers are black 90 percent of the time….Rita. Wake up and smell the coffee. Black crime is rampant and out of control in Memphis, TN. Most blacks that I know have moved from Memphis because of this.

  • rita

    My comment was misunderstood, my point was this has nothing to do with race it has to do with CRIME! If a person has a gun pointed at ME I don’t care want race they are because the bullet will do the same damage regardless of who pulls the trigger. The robbery was the problem not the robbers race.

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