ABC Waste Customers Raise Stink Over Trash Trouble

(Shelby County) Customers of a company called ABC Waste are raising a stink.

They say their trash hasn’t been picked up for weeks.

“It makes me mad,” Lashara Evans said.

Evans said the trash is lining up outside of her home in northern Shelby County.

“It makes the neighborhood look bad.”

She said the company she pays to pick it up is nowhere to be found.

Everyone who uses ABC Waste, she said, is in the same mess.

“They need to do their job and do it right because they don’t.”

Neighbors say the trash started piling before Christmas, and now the trash is migrating down the street and littering well-manicured lawns along Bishop Hills Road.

They say it’s becoming a health issue and an eyesore.

“We had the storm here lately and it tends to blow off their cans and down the streets so yeah it’s a problem. I have also seen dogs come up and rummage through the garbage,” Jerry Puckett said.

Puckett doesn’t use ABC Waste, but says it appears the service stinks.

“They tend to not be empty on a timely basis they seem to be always full. Of course I have allied and they pick theirs up on a regular basis,” Puckett said.

WREG stopped by ABC Tuesday. Their trash hasn’t even been picked up.

They say that five trucks are broken, but they say they have rented two trucks to take care of the routes.

ABC promised us the trash will be picked up by the end of the week and if customers call them to complain, they will issue them a credit.

Evans hopes that happens because this trash trouble, she says, has gone on too long.


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