ABC Waste Customers Raise Stink Over Trash Trouble

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(Shelby County) Customers of a company called ABC Waste are raising a stink.

They say their trash hasn’t been picked up for weeks.

"It makes me mad,” Lashara Evans said.

Evans said the trash is lining up outside of her home in northern Shelby County.

“It makes the neighborhood look bad."

She said the company she pays to pick it up is nowhere to be found.

Everyone who uses ABC Waste, she said, is in the same mess.

“They need to do their job and do it right because they don’t."

Neighbors say the trash started piling before Christmas, and now the trash is migrating down the street and littering well-manicured lawns along Bishop Hills Road.

They say it’s becoming a health issue and an eyesore.

“We had the storm here lately and it tends to blow off their cans and down the streets so yeah it’s a problem. I have also seen dogs come up and rummage through the garbage,” Jerry Puckett said.

Puckett doesn't use ABC Waste, but says it appears the service stinks.

"They tend to not be empty on a timely basis they seem to be always full. Of course I have allied and they pick theirs up on a regular basis,” Puckett said.

WREG stopped by ABC Tuesday. Their trash hasn't even been picked up.

They say that five trucks are broken, but they say they have rented two trucks to take care of the routes.

ABC promised us the trash will be picked up by the end of the week and if customers call them to complain, they will issue them a credit.

Evans hopes that happens because this trash trouble, she says, has gone on too long.


  • Tracy Smith

    Don’t believe the representatives from ABC Waste. They told me that their truck was frozen, and then the next day said the Landfill yard closed early on Saturday and they couldn’t dump the trash they had already picked up! ABC is very unprofessional, you have to continue to leave voicemails after voicemails. Yet they know how to call to see if you received the bill. I’m in a different area! I’m going to cancel my services!

    • Brian

      In some areas of the county, it’s not up to the mayor to handle such things. Homeowners are allowed to select their own waste hauler, which is why WREG managed to find a competitor’s customer down the street from these unfortunate ABC customers. It is 100% on the homeowners to manage this.

      I sat in on one of the county meetings in the last 18 months or so where the commissioners pitched the idea of the county providing and managing the waste hauling contract. You can absolutely get it done cheaper on your own. I have a group rate that is 36% cheaper than what Shelby County was pitching to us- and it’s from one of the companies they’d have likely paid on our behalf to haul waste!

      Sometimes, government middling isn’t better- yes, even when you have to get off your back side and fight for something yourself.


    ABC Waste didn’t pick our trash up for 3 weeks as well. Needless to say we do not expect them to step up and do the right thing and offer refunds for the time that we paid HARD EARNED MONEY for them to pick up our trash and them not follow through on their end.
    How embarrassing when family is coming over during the Holidays and the trash is piled up too may I add!!! When we called ABC Waste, they REFUSED TO ANSWER day after day week after week> nobody’s at the office – EVER??? YOU CANNOT EVEN LEAVE A VOICE MAIL MESSAGE BECAUSE THE BOX SAYS IT IS FULL EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
    We WILL be changing services. I received a email yesterday telling me that our bill was coming up. REALLY??? You want your payment? Guess what ABC…I’m going to give you what you gave my family as well as so many other families…. SILENCE!

  • Brian

    I have seen their “equipment” on the roads before. One look at the junk they use tells me to avoid them. There are several companies out there that will be glad to take your business, and some will even provide a “group rate” if you can secure a number of homes willing to commit to the provider. It helps if you have a single payer for the account, but even if you can’t manage that, there are discounts to be had.

  • Lili Turner

    I understand things happen…but for this ‘company’ to temporarily disconnect their phone number is ridiculous.

  • Alicia

    This company is a joke! We are going on week 3 and ABC still has not picked up my trash. Now when I call, their phone number is disconnected!?! If they can not handle the pressure of customers calling them, then maybe they are in the wrong profession. Needless to say, they will be refunding me once I finally get in touch with them, and I will be switching to another company. I don’t mind paying an extra $20 for another company, especially is I know that they are reliable.

  • jon doe

    The owners have a drug problem and yall are suffering for it. This used to be a good trash service but now there are drugs and fraud involved. I would advise a clase action lawsuit. This is a sister co. of a much larger co. In Arizona. The people that clam to own the co.are realy only partial owners who are trash.

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