Spotting Diet Fad Red Flags

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(Memphis) We've all seen ads that read, "Melt the fat away... Lose weight without dieting."

Maybe you or someone you know has even fallen for those lines.

The Federal Trade Commission just settled lawsuits for millions with the makers of Sensa and HCG Diet Direct.

Now, they're asking everyone else to watch out for phony claims, even urging media outlets to stop selling ad time to such companies.

We're on your side with some simple ways to spot red flags for diet fads on your own.

Some consider CrossFit to be the latest fitness craze.

Justin Lamance shuns the notion.

He's the co-owner and head coach at CrossFit Hit and Run in downtown Memphis.

Lamance says contrary to popular belief, CrossFit isn't about grueling workouts for fitness junkies.

Lamance explains, "It's more than just a work out though, we're talking nutrition, we're talking lifestyle habits."

Habits that come with hard work and plenty of patience.

"There are no shortcuts.  We don't guarantee any sort of results in "x" amount of time," says Lamance.

Experts say those are exactly the kind of claims consumers should watch out for.

Whether it's a pill, shake, food additive or the latest diet, it's important not to fall for it.

"There is no magic anything," says Baptist Memphis registered dietitian Christy Davis.

Davis told WREG she's glad to hear about the Federal Trade Commission cracking down on companies that make false claims about weight loss products.

Besides being misleading Davis, says it can be dangerous.

"Some of these pills and juices may have an ingredient in them that may interact with a prescription drug."

Davis says it's easy to spot red flags for diet fads.

Beware of any product or plan that promises a certain amount of weight loss in a certain period of time, bans certain food groups or guarantees results without change.

Lamance added, "Fitness is a lifelong pursuit, it's not something that you have on a 30 day money back guarantee."

If you'd like to file a compliant with the FTC about a diet product, call call 1-877-FTC-HELP .

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