Man Gunned Down Days Before Birthday

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(Memphis) Just a few days before his birthday a Raleigh man is shot and killed steps away from his home. His accused murderer is now behind bars.

Police say 20-year-old Devin Buckingham hid out Thursday behind bushes on Meadow Glade Lane, until he saw his target, 21-year-old Alex Winfield.

“He just walked to the store. I was expecting him to walk back up and he never walked back,” said Winfield’s brother, Eric, who was just feet away in their home when he heard gun shots ring into the air.

“You heard the gunshots, you ran outside. What did you see?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“I found my brother on the ground,” replied Winfield.

The family tells News Channel 3, Buckingham shot Winfield once in the stomach and then twice in the head. He then took off in a nearby getaway car. He was on the run until last night when police arrested and charged him with first degree murder. Winfield hasn’t slept in two days but is somewhat pleased to know Buckingham is now behind bars.

“It makes me feel a little better, but It won’t bring my little brother back,” said Winfield.

The two Raleigh men may have had an on-going drama, but Winfield isn’t sure what it was over. He says he’s never heard of or seen the man accused of murdering his little brother. Whatever the continuous fight was over, Winfield says it wasn’t worth a life.

“He wasn’t a cruel or bad person. He was a very good person. He didn’t deserve that,” replied Winfield.

Now the family is planning a funeral at a time they should be celebrating life. Eric Winfield’s birthday is this weekend, but he’s not alone. His slain little brother would have been 22 Monday.

Buckingham heads to court tomorrow, this isn’t his first time being in trouble for a violent crime. In 2012, He was found guilty of beating his own mother and threatening to kill her.


  • grayhawk says:

    This so sad always black on black crime,lowlife,drug,no future,no job
    no church home, sad up brining, just living like wild dogs. If you beat your own mom life already beat him an its not finish.
    My pray goes out to the family’.

    • stacy says:

      That’s true but its always to sides to a story in this case.

      • family says:

        Excuse you! He had no right to take a life. Stealing from someone does not justify this.I guess what was stolen is worth him being in prison for a long time.You sound IGNORANT!

    • Peter says:

      Memphis is not a safe place for young black men.

    • NewtoMemphis says:

      We looked at a house in Hickory Hill, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice garage and a great price. Is this a good area of Memphis? It is close to where I work.

      • stacy says:

        Depends on the street whats the nearest intersection 2443729 txt it ill help you out.

      • lady v says:

        no its not my friend jus moved from out there house was broken into twice an her lil girl was followed home by a grown man back in the day it was real nice now its the hood the police told her she would have did better movin 2 north memphis

  • Let me guess. The D.A.s office made a sweet deal in 2012 that let this animal back on the streets!

    • Kay B says:

      No, he was let go in 2012 due to a long history of mental health issues that his mom failed to have treated. Don’t judge. No the facts. There is always more to the story.

  • tiger says:

    Is he first killed this year, or have we had another one before this?

  • Tim says:

    And I’m supposed to want to be disarmed around this mentality? I wonder how important the reason for this murder seems now? No impulse control, no remorse…

  • 1midtownmike says:

    Oprah, Sharpton, Jesse, Holder, Stevie etc. are more preoccupied with alleged white on black crime than looking at the savage behavior within their own race.

    Hypocrisy abounds in Obummers wonderland.

    • Racist are keeping America down says:

      You are one sad piece of work.

    • toby says:

      Almost 11,000 killed during the Trayvon trial, not one peep out of those racist mongrels.

      • 1midtownmike says:

        Right on. Over 50 homicides in Chicago alone during the Zimmerman trial with the majority of those being black on black crime ( 8 victims under the age of 18.)

        Don’t Obummer, Oprah and Je$$e have ties to ChiTown?

  • tallapril says:

    You need help.

  • tallapril says:

    That hate you spew will be your downfall.

    • Unless u lose a family member to a violent crime, please do me a favor and shut the hell up!! My cousin was EXECUTED, look the word up, if u can read!! Devin shot him in the stomach and then stood over him and killed him!! What kind of justice is that, huh?!! GOD determines who lives and dies not man!! So, Stacy, Tracy, and whoever else want to justify it, let it have been Alex who killed him!! What can u say now?!!

  • Truthy says:

    All this democrat on democrat violence needs to stop

  • V says:

    My first love gone because if stupidity he didn’t deserve that at all now he is gone and couldn’t even make it to see his birthday ppl so crazy and heartless

  • kpotts says:

    I miss my little cousin sooooo much…. No words can explain how we feel right now… We hhave lost 5 people in a year and a half… and this makes 6… i hope Mr. Devin Buckingham rots in jail for the rest of his life

  • Pary says:

    Black on Black crime is out of control. At least one thug is off the streets for a few years.

  • toby says:

    Thinning the herd, thank you!

  • stacy says:

    This is the results of robbing people. You put your life at risk when you take from people that work hard for what they got. Alex robbed Devin. You only can do so much to a person til they get fed up. No it was not okay for devin to kill him but hey that was the result in this case. Well most cases

  • NewtoMemphis says:

    Why do they call Memphis, Little Detroit?

  • Tracy says:

    Who could defend a person that beat his own mother and threated to kill her. I doubt very seriously that Alex robbed Devin! People need to stand up for what’s right. Devin doesn’t need to rot in hell he needs to be shot once in the back and twice in the head. when you take a life you deserve to die!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Writing hate-filled comments on this article is not going to make this trajedy any better or make the families of either of these two young men or their communities hurt any less. There is no excuse that makes this crime acceptable, and no defense that makes Devin Buckingham’s actions more reasonable, as I’m sure would be the case for the other young man involved as well if we knew the facts of the conflict between both of them. That being said, we do not. It is not our duty to judge the actions of these two young men, especially when we do not know the full story. Making assumptions about someone’s lifestyle and their past experiences when you don’t know that individual personally is even more unjust. Would you like it if someone slandered you (or your child, sibling, loved one) when they did not know you or the circumstances of your life? After a trajedy like this, now is the time to grow stronger as a community, not further the divide by attacking each other with harsh words.

  • stacy says:

    I’m not saying it was okay from Devin to kill him. I’m just saying that when you rob somebody anybody put there self to be in a situation to end like that. Im age 45 and I lived in deerfield apts near where mr. Buckingham lived. At one point in time they all ran together. Im going off what I know. I can say or society is messed up

    • family first says:

      Stacy you have clearly confirmed that you are slow! How is it that you are 45 and claim to know all the business of a 22 and 20 year old??? Get your life…..

    • family says:

      45 and you’re keeping up with 20 year olds? Clearly you had nothing better to do! #ignorance

  • PAM says:


    • family says:

      I would have called the POLICE and my insurance company like a normal person.Materialistic things don’t compare to a LIFE.However,the law permits you to harm a person you catch in your house NOT jump out of bushes.Now look at Mr.Devin he has taken his own life with this foolishness.

  • PAM says:


    • family first says:

      Pam at age 19 you should know the difference between a robbery and a burglary. And the smart thing to do would have been to call the police and file a insurance claim. Materialistic things can be replaced. So not only did Devin take a life he has given up his own!

    • family says:

      No that’s just the life you kids choose. If it sounds stupid then typically it is.

    • family first says:

      PAM not only do you sound stupid you sound real stupid!

  • Di da Don says:

    Pam and who ever else…Alex was my cousin. He didn’t deserve being left in the streets like a dog. Devin deserve every bit of time they finna give that coward. U talking reckless, stay in your lane. This dont concern you.

  • Di da Don says:

    Stacy… Trick.

  • Di da Don says:

    Yall lucky I can’t say what I want. My comments not posting cause y’all dead wrong. Eat one.

  • stacy says:

    If it was the shoe on other foot my comment would have changed when u live that lifestyle them are factors you face point blank period that’s why I talk to my kids and push them. The end

    • Stacy says:

      would not have*

      If my son go take from someone he put him self at many risk that Why I talk to him and try to guide him right it don’t matter who it is. Point blank period. I understand y’all grieving and there a bunch of hatred and anger. So I’m done commenting on this post. Sorry for your lost.

  • Michael Myeys says:

    To all of the people who think they know what they talking about lawd bless ya heart, the truth is I will forever have nightmares about this dau I ask for ya prayers, my family is in pain and we ask you what you would do if you were in our shoes!

  • Michael Myeys says:

    God bless you all

  • Jaz says:

    I Am Devin Babymama No It Wasnt Right What Happen Between Devin An Alex If Devin Did Do This I hate That Cause Um Out Here All Alone To Raise Our Child…But When U Do Wrong Wrong Follow U Alex Was Wrong To Backstab Devin To Break In To His Home And The Way Devin Handle It If This True He Also Wrong…Devin Not A Bad Person He Has A Good Heart I Feel That All Yall Negative Comments Yall Should Keep I Dun Had People Threat Me And All Kind Of Things Behind This Situation Coming From Alex Family And FRIENDS ALL THIS NOT GONNA BRING ALEX BACK NOR GET MY CHILDS FATHER OUT OF JAIL

  • Jaz says:

    Now If I Have Yall Locked Up For Harassing Then What U Guys Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover They Both Wrong But Who Are Yall To Judge I £ove Devin I Am Here Behind Him 100% Right Or Wrong Nether Of Us Not The Judge Nor God….

    • Jaz u said a lot of positive things and my heart goes out to u but if he recieves 100 years, at least u can still talk to him, hug him and console him. We cant do that no more… Alex is gone!

  • Amber says:

    What happens to thieves in other countries? Exactly! Devin was a good kid who had a messed up life and a mother who didn’t get him the mental help he needed. Was it ok to take that boys life? No. But lets not act like he’s a monster, bc he isn’t!!!! Sorry for that boys family, but he was a thief and that’s the chances you take when you do ignorant stuff like that!!!! And please stop all this ghetto talk it makes you all look dumb.

    • family says:

      Thieves in other countries “who are caught in the act” get their hands cut off not shot multiple times get your facts straqight boo. And the only dumb people on here are the ones trying to justify a murder. Anyone who beats their own Mother and threaten to kill her is a monster all day. Your entire comment was DUMB so have several seats!

    • family first says:

      Amber there is nothing you can say that will justify cold blooded murder. And the only person that’s dumb is the one you see in the mirror…Now you may excuse yourself from this post dummy

  • big 5 says:

    I hate dis shit happen bt im yellin free lil devin and riplil alex fuck who dnt like

  • Kellogs says:

    I use to work around criminals everyday and guess what, there were multiple races locked up behind bars. So the people on here trying to make everything racial needs to take a good look at your own race..if I took each and every one of you on a tour through the system you would keep your mouth closed because of the shameful acts committed by these individuals.

  • E.J. says:

    To the Winfield/Horton Family… No human being deserves to lose their life the way that Alex did. My heart goes out to your family. I’m so sorry for your loss and your family remain in my prayers.

    To the Buckingham family… Your family is in my prayers as well. You have lost a family member as well to a senseless crime. Materialistic items can be replaced. Life is valuable… and it cannot be replaced once it is taken.

    It saddens me to see the Black on Black crime that continues to arise in America each day. It’s bad enough that we as blacks were slaves; murdered by whites; and are still mistreated in this day and time. Instead of us coming together, especially our young black men, we are doing the dirty work for the devil; we’re killing one another and for senseless reasons. We are our worst enemy! I pray that God can reach and save several of our young black people through this tragedy that has occurred. The time, thought and energy that some waste on trying to figure out how to get revenge on someone or how to come up with another get rich quick scheme can be used in more constructive ways (i.e. praising God; praying to God; trying to figure out a way to become a legitimate successful black entrepreneur; etc.) The street life is not worth it!

  • Di da Don says:

    Fuck lil devin big 5.

  • Di da Don says:

    And fuck u big 5. Fuck boy

  • Willie says:

    2 young men Gone! 2 families Hurt! Smh

  • Myia says:

    I live in these Apartments and was just getting home with my 18 month old son when this all went down…I was so sad to hear that the young man was shot to Death..Even if they had and ongoing rival with each other it still does not justify what the gunman did…materialistic stuff can be replaced its wasn’t worth killing over…….now a days people are resorting to shooting instead of just handling it in a mature manor….I feel for the family of the young man that was brutally murdered…the gunman must have had a lot of anger issues beyond what there saying about him cause he shot the young man excution style and was so careless about his surroundings…there was people outside as this went down…luckily he didn’t harm anyone else……cause a bullet has know name it could have struck anyone or a child…..I pray for the familes loss on both sides….and glad the killer is behind bars…..capitol punishment might end up being his fate….all because of his anger and childish ways that he couldn’t let go of……its only stuff……you shouldn’t take life over it…..

  • wizzle says:

    Dont none of yall know what’s going on me n devin was roomates yea alex probably did steal n another person that was with him are tvs n stuff but you don’t kill….. alex was n good person but Also a smooth criminal

  • Korey buntyn says:

    I worked with Devin at target,he wasn’t a bad dude at all.. They had just layed him off a day before…sad man forreal

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