Man Gunned Down Days Before Birthday

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(Memphis) Just a few days before his birthday a Raleigh man is shot and killed steps away from his home. His accused murderer is now behind bars.

Police say 20-year-old Devin Buckingham hid out Thursday behind bushes on Meadow Glade Lane, until he saw his target, 21-year-old Alex Winfield.

“He just walked to the store. I was expecting him to walk back up and he never walked back,” said Winfield’s brother, Eric, who was just feet away in their home when he heard gun shots ring into the air.

“You heard the gunshots, you ran outside. What did you see?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“I found my brother on the ground,” replied Winfield.

The family tells News Channel 3, Buckingham shot Winfield once in the stomach and then twice in the head. He then took off in a nearby getaway car. He was on the run until last night when police arrested and charged him with first degree murder. Winfield hasn’t slept in two days but is somewhat pleased to know Buckingham is now behind bars.

“It makes me feel a little better, but It won’t bring my little brother back,” said Winfield.

The two Raleigh men may have had an on-going drama, but Winfield isn’t sure what it was over. He says he’s never heard of or seen the man accused of murdering his little brother. Whatever the continuous fight was over, Winfield says it wasn’t worth a life.

“He wasn’t a cruel or bad person. He was a very good person. He didn’t deserve that,” replied Winfield.

Now the family is planning a funeral at a time they should be celebrating life. Eric Winfield’s birthday is this weekend, but he’s not alone. His slain little brother would have been 22 Monday.

Buckingham heads to court tomorrow, this isn’t his first time being in trouble for a violent crime. In 2012, He was found guilty of beating his own mother and threatening to kill her.


  • E.J.

    To the Winfield/Horton Family… No human being deserves to lose their life the way that Alex did. My heart goes out to your family. I’m so sorry for your loss and your family remain in my prayers.

    To the Buckingham family… Your family is in my prayers as well. You have lost a family member as well to a senseless crime. Materialistic items can be replaced. Life is valuable… and it cannot be replaced once it is taken.

    It saddens me to see the Black on Black crime that continues to arise in America each day. It’s bad enough that we as blacks were slaves; murdered by whites; and are still mistreated in this day and time. Instead of us coming together, especially our young black men, we are doing the dirty work for the devil; we’re killing one another and for senseless reasons. We are our worst enemy! I pray that God can reach and save several of our young black people through this tragedy that has occurred. The time, thought and energy that some waste on trying to figure out how to get revenge on someone or how to come up with another get rich quick scheme can be used in more constructive ways (i.e. praising God; praying to God; trying to figure out a way to become a legitimate successful black entrepreneur; etc.) The street life is not worth it!

  • Myia

    I live in these Apartments and was just getting home with my 18 month old son when this all went down…I was so sad to hear that the young man was shot to Death..Even if they had and ongoing rival with each other it still does not justify what the gunman did…materialistic stuff can be replaced its wasn’t worth killing over…….now a days people are resorting to shooting instead of just handling it in a mature manor….I feel for the family of the young man that was brutally murdered…the gunman must have had a lot of anger issues beyond what there saying about him cause he shot the young man excution style and was so careless about his surroundings…there was people outside as this went down…luckily he didn’t harm anyone else……cause a bullet has know name it could have struck anyone or a child…..I pray for the familes loss on both sides….and glad the killer is behind bars…..capitol punishment might end up being his fate….all because of his anger and childish ways that he couldn’t let go of……its only stuff……you shouldn’t take life over it…..

  • wizzle

    Dont none of yall know what’s going on me n devin was roomates yea alex probably did steal n another person that was with him are tvs n stuff but you don’t kill….. alex was n good person but Also a smooth criminal

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