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Babysitter Charged With Burning And Beating Toddler

Posted on: 10:40 pm, January 12, 2014, by , updated on: 03:19pm, January 13, 2014


(Memphis) A babysitter, accused of burning and whipping a toddler, is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.  Ashley Tabron is facing aggravated child abuse charges for what police say wasn’t an accident. The child’s family is wondering why it took investigators nine months to charge her with burning and beating the child.

“Even now she doesn`t want to be in the bathroom by herself,” said Kiera Bradford, the child’s mother.

Two-Year-Old Madison Bradford’s feet tell a story about what happened to her.

“Her skin was completely off to the bone on her feet.  You could smell her flesh,” said Kiera.

She spent a month in Le Bonheur, undergoing surgeries and physical therapy.

“So for 9 months you have been waiting for something to happen?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes,” said Kiera.

“Did you know where she`s been?” asked Hall.

“No. She vanished. She moved. She changed her number,” said Kiera.

Keira Bradford, the toddler’s mother, says last April she allowed her daughter to be watched overnight by Tebron. Tebron was the girlfriend of the child’s uncle but the day the child was in her care, he broke up with her.

“They had an altercation and he left her and I believe that`s the reason why she did it because the baby was still there when he left,” said Kiera.

“So, she was angry at something else?” asked Hall

“At him.”

“She called us and said, ‘Hey, I accidentally ran Madison’s bath water too hot’,” said Candace Bradford, the child’s aunt.

“Then where do the bruises come from?” asked Hall.

“That was what we want to know,” said Candace.  “We have been asking the same question as everybody else. Where do the whip bruises and the little black eye come from then?”

Candace, the child’s aunt, picked Madison up that day, “She was in pain when I got her in. When I got her, she fell right to sleep like she was at peace, like she had been tortured all night.”

Madison suffered first, second and third degree burns. Doctors said the injuries were no accident.  After an investigation, police agree and they’ve charged Tebron with aggravated child abuse.

“I am very happy because anybody who would hurt a child doesn`t deserve to be out in society like that,” Candace.

“I really want to see what the outcome is and her serving her time,” said Kiera.

Tabron is expected in court Monday morning and Kiera says she plans to be there as well.

Police say Tabron claims she burned the child in the bathtub by accident but didn’t take her to the hospital that day because she didn’t have gas money for her car.


  • Joe Censored says:

    Hey Elvis Hater, your attempt to deflect the heinous actions of the sub human POS is exactly what is wrong in Memphis. People just like YOU!!! Keep it real. Ignore the tortured little girl. Just cry racism when the general public call out your “peeps” due to their appalling acts.

    Why not just state how appalled you are that this woman tortured this baby like she is charged with doing?

    You are the one that initiated the race factor on this thread. I have noticed you seem to do that often… pent up hostilities?

    Memphis Representing!!!

  • HatesElvis says:

    Why don’t you people go put on your dummy pointy hat and silly sheets and just come the closet so we can have a good laugh i respect them a little more cause at least they aint hiding behind a screen you know who they are and where they stand…

    • Pary says:

      come the closet…..what does that mean? The grammar skills of a 1st grader.

    • Pary says:

      Why don’t you people learn how to write a simple sentence?

    • toby says:

      Why don’t you people pull up your pants, stop putting grills in your teef and learn to speak proper English and become productive members of society instead of robbing and killing others because you think you are entitled to?

      • XOXOX says:

        @ Toby we do this because this is how we attract the White girls and this is what White boys admire. Now What?

  • 1midtownmike says:

    There are many support groups meeting in church basements that can help you HatesElvis. Free juice and cookies to boot!

  • 50k bond? Oh yea…she has unfinished business so give her an opportunity to harm more kids!

  • mission1 says:

    Its people like HatesElvis that makes a person love Memphis more and more each day.

  • Dave says:

    Whoa, whoa…’s “you’re”. As in the contraction for you are. It’s not “your” as in showing possession. While YOU’RE at it, try throwing in a few punctuation marks as well. Otherwise, you might be inclined to say this racist city didn’t even give you an education. Honestly, by the looks of YOUR writing, I’d say YOU’RE right. Keep playing the race card. It’s gotten you this far. ( Sarcasm ) By the way, the race card only works in the south. FYI. Everybody else in the United States wants to move on from that part of the country’s past.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    Typical Memphis behavior

  • Kay says:

    This so called human needs a bullet to the head, that is it

  • Joe Censored says:

    “If initiated the race”… -5

    Who “are” these mongrels… -5

    “talking”… -5

    Memphis City Schools Representing!!!!!

  • Pary says:

    Grammar skills Elvis. I’m guessing Elvis did not graduate from his Memphis High School and English was not his best subject. I pity him and his pathetic attempts at writing.

  • Terrie says:

    WHY is shw OUT on bopnd?? THIS is where the justice systems F’s up. For ANY HARM done to a child should held with NO BOND!!

  • toby says:

    Hey Hateselvis, why are the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the USA ALL BLACK??

    Care to ‘splain that one Ricky?

    • valeria says:

      Some of the deadliest and most violent mass-shooting events have been perpetuated by whites so get your fact straights!

      • LaTrell says:

        Another black kid was killed this afternoon (1-13-2014) Two more black kids were also shot today. It’s not the white man’s fault that black men are shooting each other every day in Memphis.

      • I'm a realist says:

        I doubt that there has been data compiled to confirm or substantiate this, but I would have to strongly believe that the number of deaths from mass shootings perpetuated by whites over the last several decades are no where near that of murders committed by gangbangers & crackheads looking to rob someone or just kill because they want to be “initiated.” In fact, I would have to strongly believe that black on black murders alone far outweigh the death toll from the handful of crazy white kids who, for whatever ridiculous reason, decide they want to shoot up a school & off themselves.

    • Lakesha Flynn says:

      where are the top meth labs located

  • toby says:

    Hates Elvis won’t reply to my charge that the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the USA are all black. Maybe he needs to learn that statistics don’t lie and start doing something to curb his people’s savagery.

  • bjguy says:

    The wonans eyws so yellow she loojs as though she has hepatitis. She is a cruel person

  • bjguy says:

    The womans eyes are so yellow looks as though she might have hepatitis

  • toby says:

    “Police say Tabron claims she burned the child in the bathtub by accident but didn’t take her to the hospital that day because she didn’t have gas money for her car.” – But wait she could have called Obama, don’t you remember that lady who said you didn’t have to worry about having gas in your car anymore?

  • HatesElvis says:

    Lol you white people seem mad, and have you wet dogs ever heard of a typo i was work i had to type fast i got to work cant live for free in the rat infested trailer parks hating on the internet every day like y’all, now please continue i love to see you people talk like idiots…. LOL…

    • valeria says:

      Yes, they are mad because the good ole south will never rise again! Amazing how whites can take such pride in their heritage, even though it includes a legacy of cruel and inhumane behavior towards other human beings…

      • EM says:

        Umm, I’m sorry but I believe it is the black community in Memphis that is taking “pride” in their heritage with all the “We’re African Americans, we from Africa” BS because if I remember correctly, and I do, according to history the country where these “African Americans” AKA Black Folks, originated from didn’t even want them so they sold them to the Spanish slave traders for pennies on the dollar to become slaves in America. In fact, this practice is STILL going on in Africa. I am not from the south but I would be more proud to call myself a Southerner as opposed to a negro whose heritage derives from being sold by my own ancestors for a bowl of hot soup.

      • EM says:

        ALSO, how many shootings in Memphis have you seen recently done by white people? How about robberies? Exactly!!! These shootings done by the white crazies every once in a while are only done by white people because there isn’t enough black people in those areas! Why isn’t there you might ask? Because they all kill each other in cities like Memphis. Take a look around, look at a mostly white neighborhood. Just drive through and see how well they take care of their homes, car, yards etc…then as you are driving I guarantee you will find one house, just one, that has 6-7 cars, trash in the yard, a basketball hoop in the street. THAT will be the black house. Do you see the cultural difference here?

  • Tammy says:

    HatesElvis writes like a cashier at McDonalds in Hickory HIll..

  • not sure says:

    Get the rope boyz

  • Tammy says:

    HatesElvis is a text book example of the lack of grammar skills of many Memphians. I truly feel sorry for this poorly educated person. His lack of sentence structure and the lack of punctuation is terrible. Elvis, I recommend a grammar course or two.

  • Skeptic says:

    I wish all of you Dumb A’s would shut the F up. Its not about race or grammar or schooling….its about a child that was tortured and abused by someone that needs the same thing done to them.

  • Valarie says:

    I hope and pray that the baby recovers from this horrible incident. How could someone do this to an innocent chilld? I hope the DA throws the book at her. Third degree burns, bruises. It hurts my heart to know how this innocent child suffered. Mothers, please be careful who you allow to babysit your children.

  • evette says:

    @HatesElvis you got the good ole boys mad at you, better be careful.
    I bet you if you saw them on the street, you couldn’t pay one of them to repeat some of this nonsense they’re writing.

    • EM says:

      I would have no problem repeating it if I lived in a respectable, educated city. The problem is, I don’t. If I were to repeat myself to you on the street what would you do? Probably not try to have an educated conversation with me like the respectable person would, I bet your underdeveloped brain would resort to violence, just as is the Memphians nature. So how about I make a bet with you. I bet the next time someone says something to you that you don’t like or don’t agree with, you don’t simply best them with an educated response, I bet you resort to yelling, fighting, shooting. Who will be right? I also bet that the only people who will get mad and disagree with me will be black. Point made

      • allknowing says:

        you gave an excellent well written history lesson on African Americans….now please educate me on your history spare me no details tell me about your civilized ancestors.

      • EM says:

        AllKnowing, I would love to give you history on my past, but I’m black, I can’t because I don’t know who my father is and yes you guessed it, my ancestors originated from Africa where they were sold to Spanish slave traders for pennies on the dollar. The only difference between me and the other hoodrats here is that I don’t blame the white race for what happened to my ancestors…I blame my ancestors, the ones who deserve to be blamed.

  • Tata says:

    Get serious people this story is about a helpless baby & a sick babysitter not about this silly race war”!”!!”!!!!!!Good God !!

  • HatesElvis says:

    Trailer trash wet dogs report me all you want I’m a college educated black man making 87,000 a year I’m good. Wreg moderate me i dont care with all the hate these white people say on here everyday but y’all wanna moderate me lol hilarious lol……

    • EM says:

      Actually good music hater, the fact that you feel the need to let everyone know how “educated and rich” you are just proves that you are uneducated and probably in debt up to your ears, as is most of Memphis. You see, an educated person would not feel the need to prove themselves with numbers. If you were as educated as you say you are your words will prove that and the only thing your words are screaming is “help I am insecure and need to go back to school” so try again

  • Mrs.P says:

    this is about a innocent baby that this stupid woman abused this has nothing to do with race. Every race has commited stupid crimes. Thats why we need bigger bonds for people with charges like these. U get more time for killing a dog than a human. Whats wrong with juditial system my prayers go out to the baby an her family. For the lady that abused that baby I hope u burn in hell.

  • IF”in dez be no welfare chek, wat I be carin’ bout sum ho’s picaninny??
    GIBS me mine , gibs me mo’!!!!!!!!!! IZE be bord’ ize be wantin’ sum fun, sit’ ize be jes like dem Shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts. FUN!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Google Shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts and see where tis is headed!!!!!!!

  • Rob says:

    it was funna have sumo ghetto lobster

  • Kellogs says:

    I use to work around criminals everyday and guess what, there were multiple races locked up behind bars. So the people on here trying to make everything racial needs to take a good look at your own race..if I took each and every one of you on a tour through the system you would keep your mouth closed because of the shameful acts committed by these individuals.

  • charlies way says:

    I grew up with this girl. we were best friends when we were children. i NEVER imagined this would happen. that poor child! Tabron doesnt deserve a bond. she deserves massive jail time. that little child and her family deserves JUSTICE

  • allknowing says:

    EM, all I ask is that when you give a history lesson teach both sides there are obviously people in Memssippi that think their ancestors were sent from the heavens above and feel they are above savagery and I would like the memssippians to know the truth

  • Joe Censored says:

    Yes those people were mongrels too. You are the only one who mentioned race. It is obvious that you are from Memphis by your victimization reaction to a word. And Im from Cleveland, OH. Now who is the hate filled one???

    mon·grel [muhng-gruhl, mong-]



    a dog of mixed or indeterminate breed.


    any animal or plant resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties.


    any cross between different things, especially if inharmonious or indiscriminate.



    of mixed breed, nature, or origin; of or like a mongrel.

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