Armed Handcuffed Man Steals Patrol Car

Posted on: 5:14 pm, January 11, 2014, by , updated on: 09:49am, January 13, 2014

Stephen melton

(Lauderdale County, TN) Tennessee law enforcement agencies are being told to look for a stolen patrol car.

A man who was in custody in Lauderdale County kicked out a patrol car window and drove off, all while handcuffed Saturday.

Police are looking for Steven Melton.

The stolen 2014 white Ford Explorer marked Unit #608 with Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department logos has been found.

Melton is armed.

If you spot the vehicle, call 911.


  • MikeBarret says:

    Handcuffed man steals a car. Uh huh. Next press release will say, he commited suicide by shooting himself 3 times in the head while handcuffed.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    Was he in the custody of the keystone cops?

  • 1midtownmike says:

    “Melton is armed.”

    I guess there were weapons in the patrol car as well.

  • Ferg says:

    He must have been cuffed in the front. This is what police deserve for placing too much trust in white criminals.

    • Thomas H. Evans says:

      You are absolutely correct! If you found the things in this guys house that has been stated, then why wasn’t he handcuffed with his hands behind him? Absolute poor police work.

    • Russ Brown says:

      WHITE CRIMINALS? …Surely that must have been a typo…Why is it that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in Memphis turns into a racial issue? Would the story have gotten the same amount of attention without it being turned into a racial issue? Would there be any less of a moral or right/wrong issue? I sure wish that this town would see past the color of a man’s skin and address the problem without such bias.

  • toby says:

    Man, the old dude from Home Alone has fallen on hard times.

    • MikeBarret says:

      I thought it was one of them Duck Dynasty red necks

      • Nonya Bidness says:

        You mean one of those rich and famous Duck Commander guys. You hate them because they are everything you aren’t, a sad a pathetic little minority with no power.

  • MikeBarret says:

    I’m white, which round these parts does make me a sad pathetic minority with no power

  • A white person actually committed a crime. I need to call Ripley’s Believe It Or Not because this is a first!!!!!!

  • GETTERDUN! says:

    Its no surprise a good ole boy dun broke bad with the fuzz’s car . . . Its in his culture! Right Nonya Bidness, Joe, and Buckwheat?

  • Sam says:

    Well this report is wrong. They already recovered the vehicle & he didn’t take any of the weapons from the patrol vehicle. He just didn’t wanna go to jail.

  • Peter says:

    “Captain, uhh….the dude took my police car..” Captain, ” What the..!!!” Captain, ” When I get home, I’m gonna slap your mama”

  • Jonathaaaan says:

    I always knew the old snow shoveler from Home Alone was a no good.

  • allknowing says:

    wow the outpouring of empathy is amazing. sounds like a wild animal to me.

  • Hard Truths says:

    There is really an — intellectual — pathology among Southern popos.

    Fat and stupid. THAT is the Southern standard. Oh, and be a bullying thug.

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they explained this screwup to their chief.

  • Hard Truths says:

    Stay free, Duck Commander!

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