Target To Close Memphis Location

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(Memphis) One Target store in Memphis has a bull’s eye on it as the company announces it will close eight stores around the country because of bad sales figures.

The drop in sales comes just after the private financial information of at least 70 million Target shoppers was hacked during the holiday shopping season.

There’s going to be a big hole in the shopping center at Winchester and Hacks Cross when Target closes in May.

The retailer says lower than expected Christmas sales nationally are to blame.

The numbers show sales were stronger than expected for the company during the holiday shopping season, until December 19.

That’s the day Target announced the names, mailing addresses, phone number or email addresses for up to 70 million shoppers had been stolen out of its system by hackers.

After that announcement sales started declining.

“Surprised! I hadn’t heard about it. Shock!” said Donna Mason.

She shops at the Target on Winchester all the time, but said her sister won’t go back to the store after the hacking scandal.

“My sister had the problem and someone who she knows. Everything was taken from them and their account."

The Winchester store is just one of eight Targets across the US that will close May 3rd.

Target says workers who qualify will be transferred to similar positions at nearby stores but it didn’t mention what those qualifications are.

Justin Weathers works at the Target and says that’s not much of a consolation, “I wouldn’t like that. Mainly because I’ve driven back and forth 20 minute drives coming from my school to get here for work. Depending on where we go I wouldn’t like that."

The other stores are located in:

  • West Dundee, Ill.
  • Las Vegas, Nev.
  • North Las Vegas, Nev
  • Duluth, Ga.
  • Memphis, Tenn.
  • Orange Park, Fla.
  • Middletown, Ohio
  • Trotwood, Ohio.


  • Brian

    This one’s going to be good.

    I wish someone would start holding mega-developers responsible for the blight they create when their tenants tuck tail and run from an area. Target. Worst Buy. Red Lobster. All tucked tail, ran from Hickory Hill, and set up shop on the other side of 385. And for what?

    With this news, you see the “for what.” That store never should have been built.

    • JenC

      Because of the clientele. Act right and places will stick around! Go to any bad part of town and these businesses are run out because of crime and theft. Take pride in where you live and the stores will stay!

      • Born2win

        I agree. I hated to see Target live the Hickory Hill area because I work in the area and loved to go to Target. I went to the nail place and my polish color was under lock. I asked why. I was told the theft is so bad they have to lock it up. The beauty supply store has detectors when you walk through the door… I understand. Now why they are leaving the current area I do not understand but I believe it has been in the works for a while.. This did not happen overnight.

  • Janice

    Big corporations like Target do not make decisions like this in 30 days. This has been well in the works for a while.

    • JenC

      because the UPS guy cannot even deliver something without getting robbed. Like I said to another poster, act right and these stores will stick around. It is common sense!

      • Born2win

        Oh shut-up. I can act right and the majority can act right but we know 1 bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. One person stealing like crazy and 20 people acting right means theft is still higher than expected.

  • RealTalk

    Shoplifting. Shoplifting. Shoplifting.

    All these stores in urban Obama voter areas can’t turn a profit because of all of the theft. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who works at these stores about how much theft occurs at their store, then sit back, grab a cup of coffee and you will be entertained for hours…

    • KT

      I works at a major retail store, and we caught the Obama voters and the Romey voters shoplifting. Some young,some old, black, white, Asian, and Hispanic. But you are to stupid to know that.

  • Laz Jemison

    Memphis is realizing its destiny.

    20 years of Mayor Bill, followed by who knows how many years of Slo’ Walkin’, Slo’ Talkin’ A uh C uh is enabling Memphis to descend to the Detroit of the South.

    It’s well in process. Can’t argue with the results.

  • idislikeingnorantpeople

    Every thing doesn’t has to be about race! Every single solitary time there is a post about anything the race card gets thrown out there. Another thing if you don’t like my city leave! I love everyone but I dislike ignorance. My mom use to say all white people aren’t bad and all black people aren’t good….

    • Nonya Bidness

      I don’t like your city, other than to remind myself that where I chose to live is AWESOME! Everyone who works hard for what they have should move out of your city and let it compost down.

      Your mother was wrong ……….

    • RealTalk

      All of the tax paying productive people ARE leaving dummy. That’s why all of these stores are leaving, too. No store wants its clientele to be made up of welfare queens and theives.

  • Joe Censored

    Remember how Hickory Hood died a fast death in the 90’s when the invasion happened? Well we are getting ready to see the Riverdale to Hacks Cross area do the same. Ghetto mongrels destroy everything they get close to.

    Big Daddys Pawn Shop # 2 in the making…

    Memphis Representing!!!

    Keepin it Real.!!!!!!!

  • Laz Jemison

    What is really disgusting is the behaviors of the Memphis majority which has run off responsible citizens, as well as many retailers.

    What you are seeing is the fruits of your behaviors. Get used to it, … much more coming.

    • justthinkingoutloud

      What satisfaction do you get out of seeing something destroyed? There will never be another White or Black Utopian society due to the inflating cost of goods and services Upper Middle Class flight. The crazy part is African Americans, Hispanics are tryna move away from other Black & Brown cultures just as Caucasians don’t wanna live around Rednecks. I never can understand the heart or mind of a individual the can really thrive of destruction and hate. I am a firm believer in Karma and if you are waiting and anticipating someone or somethings downfall know someone is waiting for your- GB

      • Nonya Bidness

        Karma … do you believe in the tooth fairy too?

        Life is what you make it. Karma is for people that are to lazy or uneducated to go make life for themselves good.

        Get a job, get a bank account so you can keep the money you earn safe from the hoodrats. Save the money. Move out when you can.

        It’s that simple. That is unless you can’t keep your legs closed and wind up with 5 kids from 5 different baby daddies. Then you are n your own. You made the bed …. lie in it.

  • Some Body

    It’s not anything to do with the debit card breach or race, it’s performance. Unfortunately, Memphis is known for decaying neighborhoods especially along the Winchester Rd. corridor. It started in Whitehaven and is creeping east. It’s called the Winchester Creep! Go Memphis!

  • TargetEmployee

    Actually it really does have to do with the stores performance. I work at a Target in Memphis and know about issues with sales as well as other things with that store. Everyone wants to jump to the wrong conclusions all the time. And what is bad about that area?

  • justthinkingoutloud

    Isn’t it great to have internet access and a smartphone? Everyone can spew as much hatred and disgust for each other and then go outside and smile like they are not racist with inferiority complexes. There is no black or white anymore it’s a rich or poor situation. It’s easy for us to accept hatred towards another race but it’s hard to accept that when your living check to check it’s some stuff you can’t afford and when you try to get those things illegally it hurts more than just a big box chain. Targets not closing because of race it’s because Walmart is two blocks down the street and if I can pay 2.50 for milk Y would I pay 5.00 plus there open 24 hours and they cash checks have eye glass and nail shops. I wish everyone who doesn’t like Memphis a safe trip to a better city BUT remember you will still be a as hole there if your a as hole here so the question is what city really wants you.

    • Nonya Bidness

      We don’t live in your city, we just like to point out the denial and hypocrisy that is the city of Memphis. To say that you love Memphis or that you are proud of Memphis is to say that you love and are proud of:
      people too lazy to work
      people who threw away an education to become part of the collective
      people that don’t respect themselves or anyone else
      people that have no morals
      people that get by by gaming the system
      People that will kill you because of the color of your skin
      people that never take responsibility for themselves
      people that just can’t seem to keep their legs closed!

      Talk about low expectations!

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