MPD Frustrated Over Quick Release, Light Punishment Of Juvenile Offenders

(Memphis) Memphis police are working to combat a spike in burglaries in one Parkway Village neighborhood, but call the task frustrating.

“Our officers are working hard. We are making good arrest, put them in jail, put them in juvenile court and a lot of times they’re back out doing the same thing,” said Lt. Col. Kurt Philipps.

Juveniles are often released to the custody of a guardian within hours of being charged.

In the area of Willow and Perkins, there have 29 burglaries in the past month.

News Channel 3 talked with one homeowner that had been burglarized three times since Christmas.

“I was spending Christmas with my family, came home, walked in the front door, they were still in the house. He cut himself and bled everywhere in my house, so they were following the blood trial and ended up catching him,” said the homeowner about the 15-year-old who was arrested earlier this week.

“I would like to see them naturally hold on to these people longer but I understand overcrowding, all of that’s out of our control,” said Lt. Col. Philipps.


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