MPD: Mother Is Suspect In Missing Baby Case

(Memphis) As of 6 p.m. Saturday, the search for missing 7-week-old Aniston Walker was suspended.

According to Memphis Police, “all areas have been searched thoroughly with no results. Although the search efforts are being suspended, the investigation into the whereabouts of Aniston Walker is ongoing.”

Police do consider the child’s mother, Andrea, a suspect.

(Memphis) Memphis Police now say the mother of a missing infant is considered a suspect in her disappearance.

When asked about the possibility of finding 7-week-old Aniston Walker alive, Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said, “Seven week old children do not have the means of just disappearing.”

According to a police affidavit, a homicide investigator who witnessed questioning of Ms. Walker came to the conclusion, “The child has sustained serious bodily injury.”

Andrea Walker, the mother of the seven-week-old little girl missing since Thursday has been charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

Details of the alleged crimes were not immediately available.

Police have not found Aniston Walker.

Director Armstrong said the child’s father was the person who called police and that Andrea Walker is considered a suspect.

Late Thursday afternoon, the Memphis Police Department issued a City Watch alert for Aniston Walker.

Thursday night, police said they were getting conflicting accounts from Andrea Walker of what happened to the missing newborn.

Walker told police she left her 7-week-old daughter with her 3-year-old while she took her 5-year-old child to school.

The house is located in the 5600 block of Falling Bark Drive in Northeast Memphis.

Aniston is a black female with brown eyes, medium complexion, approximately 21″ and 10 lbs., and was last seen wearing a brown onesie with football emblems.

Police searched homes under construction, dumpsters and trash bins, and a wooded area near where Aniston was last seen as well as a lake.

They used tracking dogs, and knocked on every door within several blocks.

Neighbors said they didn’t see anything suspicious.

They said the mother is a good parent, and a single mom of three.

Friday night, police towed away Andrea Walker’s car, but wouldn’t say why they are marking it as evidence.

Police called off the search until Saturday. They are spending Friday night at the station sorting through all the evidence they have.

A City Alert is still active for the child.

If you can help, contact the Memphis Missing Persons Bureau or Memphis Police Department at 901-545-2677.


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