Police: Woman Moved Out Of House And Left Dogs To Die

(Memphis) A Memphis woman is facing two counts of animal cruelty after police say she abandoned her dogs and allowed one of them to starve to death.

Police say the dogs were found inside a house being rented by 19-year-old Khadijah Morrow.

They say Morrow had been out of the home for at least three weeks when the dogs were discovered.

“There wasn’t any food. They were eating off trash and left over food. I guess she was trying to get at me for evicting her and mess up my house to make me spend more money,” Salandria Stevenson.

Salandria Stevenson, Morrow’s landlord, says they found the pit bull dead inside a bedroom closet and said there was also a shih tzu that was very malnourished.

“It was really dirty and it was just running around eating on the trash. It was eating on  dirty diapers,” said Stevenson.

Veterinarians say the pit bull was starved to death and the shih tzu would have died if Stevenson hadn’t found it when she did, and called animal control.

She says she can’t imagine how anyone could leave behind their pets to die.

“If you couldn’t take care of them, you should have taken them to the pound or did something with them. Give them away. You shouldn’t just have left them like that,” said Stevenson.

Morrow made her first court appearance Thursday.


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