Police: Woman Moved Out Of House And Left Dogs To Die

Posted on: 1:22 pm, January 9, 2014, by , updated on: 07:02pm, January 9, 2014

(Memphis) A Memphis woman is facing two counts of animal cruelty after police say she abandoned her dogs and allowed one of them to starve to death.

Police say the dogs were found inside a house being rented by 19-year-old Khadijah Morrow.

They say Morrow had been out of the home for at least three weeks when the dogs were discovered.

“There wasn’t any food. They were eating off trash and left over food. I guess she was trying to get at me for evicting her and mess up my house to make me spend more money,” Salandria Stevenson.

Salandria Stevenson, Morrow’s landlord, says they found the pit bull dead inside a bedroom closet and said there was also a shih tzu that was very malnourished.

“It was really dirty and it was just running around eating on the trash. It was eating on  dirty diapers,” said Stevenson.

Veterinarians say the pit bull was starved to death and the shih tzu would have died if Stevenson hadn’t found it when she did, and called animal control.

She says she can’t imagine how anyone could leave behind their pets to die.

“If you couldn’t take care of them, you should have taken them to the pound or did something with them. Give them away. You shouldn’t just have left them like that,” said Stevenson.

Morrow made her first court appearance Thursday.

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  • shlpperry says:

    This happens more then you think! I rescued a pit bull puppy a couple of weeks ago that someone had left behind in a house/garage . The pup had been there a week with no food/no water. Very malnourished, however I have since nursed her back to health and she is doing GREAT!

  • Jeremy says:

    Let’s leave this stupid piece of trash without food for 3 weeks & see if it survives.

  • Linda says:

    People are pathetic.

  • toby says:

    If Obama had a dog catcher.

  • Debbie Boyd says:

    This woman should not be allowed to breathe our air .. I just pray God gives her what she deserves ..

  • Donna says:

    There should be much stronger penalties for animal cruelty cases.

    • Terree Moore says:

      u got that right….kill a dog or to let one starve, a slap on the wrist…but have a joint and they bury u under the jail…..whats wrong with this picture…

  • toby says:

    I bet if she was getting welfare and EBT for the dogs she would have taken care of them.

  • Don says:

    I don’t understand these third world people who are living in the united states. I have been here for 75 years and had dogs since childhood and not one of them has never gone a day without food and clean water.
    This woman is a pathetic POS. And should be horse whipped. But there is no cure for STUPID!

  • Joe Censored says:

    Her picture speaks volumes about her.

    Just another ghetto rat that cares about nothing, including herself. She needs some serious jail time for starving that dog, worthless POS.

    Memphis Representing!!!

  • mission1 says:

    Its people like this that make you love Memphis more each day.

  • Little Detroit says:

    This POS needs some serious jail time.

  • Chris Wilson says:

    Any news on the condition of the shih tzu. Might be interested in adopting

  • hateliberalcommies says:

    This numnut should be in jail just for that IDIOTIC PARROT looking haircut…jeez,,,,

  • whoyoukiddin says:

    Why didn’t the landlord go to the house the minute the woman was evicted to check out her property? Had she done this the dogs would have been fine. It is now time to start making these people who abuse animals do jail time and not a $50 fine. Animals are living and breathing just like we are. They go through the same pain you and I do when they are starved or abused. It is time to wake up and realize she probably does this to her kids also. If you can’t take care of an animal what make s you think she can take care of a child?

  • silly2 says:

    Low-life skank!!

  • larry hannah says:

    where is the shih Tzu, wouls make a great companion for my shih tzu

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