Increased Burglaries Trap Man In Parkway Village Home

(Memphis) Grover Cassler has lived in his Parkway Village home for 20 years, but he said recently the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse.

He lives along Willow near Perkins.

“I can’t live like this. I won’t be a prisoner in my own dang house.”

Cassler said there has been a spike in residential burglaries in the past month.

In the police ward where Cassler lives, there have been 29 burglaries in the past month.

“It doesn’t seem safe to leave your house for any amount go time without someone being here to look after it.”

Cassler suspects a group of teens that live on his street. Memphis police arrested one of the teens this week after the teen called 911 after cutting himself.

Blood was found at the scene of a burglary just blocks away.

“They’re looking for places where there is not cars in the driveway and they’re pretty sure no one is home and then they get in, they break in and they take stuff. They come in a group and they’ll go into one of the houses and one of them will go out and stand out front and watch up and down the street,” said Cassler, who claims to have seen the teens in action.

Several homes have been hit more than once.

And while police often catch the teens, Cassler said they are back on the street with in hours.

“It’s the law, as long as it ‘s not a violent crime they’ve got to tell the guardian, the parents and then turn them over.”


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