Father Says Son’s 180 Day Suspension Went Too Far

(Collierville, TN) A Houston High father is furious his son was suspended from the Shelby County School.

According to the paperwork, it’s because he was in a gang.

The father told us his tenth grader and some friends had a clique and called themselves “NMG,” which stands for “New Money Group.”

The father, who we’re not identifying to protect the children involved, said it’s just a few kids and all they did was hang out and go to the movies.

But they named the group and tried to get another to join.

The school gave his son a “long-term suspension” of 180 days.

“How do you come to that conclusion where you put a kid out of school for 180 days?” the dad asked. “You could have conferenced the parents and we would have taken care of this.”

A school spokeswoman couldn’t discuss the matter specifically because of confidentiality.

But the schools policy says three people can make up a gang.

The policy also states the group would have to be involved in criminal activity.

But that’s listed nowhere on the paperwork.

The dad thinks his son is being disciplined too harshly for having some friends and naming their group.


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