Daycare Robbed With Children Inside

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(Memphis) There’s some relief for parents at a South Memphis daycare after police say they finally caught two people who stole thousands of dollars from the owner.

A big iron fence surrounds LeSuer Learning Center on Gleason, but it wasn’t enough to stop crooks from turning this safe place for kids, into a crime scene.

Police say Lavelle Woodall put a gun to the owner’s face when she got out of her car last month and snatched an envelope out of her hand stuffed with about $13,000 in cash and payroll checks.

This happened around lunch time with dozens of small children inside.

“It was wrong for them to do that because it put all the little kids in danger,” said neighbor Charles Pugh.

Thankfully no one was hurt.

Woodall got away, but police arrested him a couple days later.

But he wasn’t the only one involved.

Last week, police say Adrienne Coleman walked into the Regions Bank on Union and cashed a check for about $239.

It's one of the checks Woodall is accused of swiping.

“All I'm going to say on that one is that has to be one of the world's most dumb criminals. If you know that check is stolen, you know they are looking for it. Why would you go and try to cash it? It just makes no sense," said neighbor Vera Kyles, who says not only was it a dumb idea, it’s just downright wrong.

“The lady works so hard for the children so they can have somewhere where they can have a home away from home,” said Kyles.

Coleman and Woodall are both out of jail on bond.

They head to court later this month.


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