Access Medical Records, Lab Results From Your Cell Phone

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(Memphis) Technology is making it easier for you communicate with your doctor and even access your medical records.

Last week, Baptist Memorial Health Care launched it’s new electronic record system called OneCare.

The system creates a single patient record that patients and caregivers can access from their cell phone or the internet.

Using a free mobile app called MyChart, patients can make appointments, get lab results, refill prescriptions or even send their doctor videos or pictures of things like a rash, bruised toe or suspicious mole.

“Because everyone is worried is this something I need to come to the doctor for or not. So, you can send it. You can map your blood sugars on an Excel spreadsheet and send it to me and I can track those things. There are program where we can share information that we haven’t been able to do until now,” Dr. William Light with the Light Clinic.

Doctors tell us in the future you’ll be able to send them something like a picture of a mole for an actual diagnosis.

All of Baptist Memorial’s minor med centers and medical groups are now using the OneCare System.

It will be rolled out at its hospitals in the spring and fall.


  • Linda

    I can see hackers loving this. The doctors have a full plate now and you want them to take time from there hands on pacients or there family to try to tell if that mole is nothing or something to worry about. This is a big mistake.

  • Nonya Bidness

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    Whats wrong, the to 5 advertisements that were blocked by my AdBlock plugin not paying enough for the eyeballs that come to these pages?

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