West Memphis Residents Without Water For Second Day

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(West Memphis, AR) When Gloria Leflore got up Tuesday morning, she learned she had no water, again.

“Children are supposed to be getting ready to go to school and no water,” she said.

For the second time in as many days, the water system for the City of West Memphis was down.

“People are crawling like snakes on their bellies trying to get to Memphis to get water,” she said.

Businesses and at least one school were forced to close, as the city crews worked on problem.

“It has been a rough two days,” Utilities Director John Rimmer said.

Rimmer said on Monday, the valves on the pumps froze, something he said has never happened in his 50 years at the Utility Department.

Hours after fixing that problem, at 4:30 a.m. part of an 18 inch pipe blew off.

“For that to happen is hard to explain,” he said.

It cut off water to the whole city.

“We were able to cap off one end and start pushing water from the other end. Until slowly we can get pressure back up  in the city,” he said.

By 11 a.m. water stated to flow lightly at Leflore’s home so she started boiling water.

“So we have fresh water to drink,” she said.

She prays life will soon get back to normal.

People in West Memphis will have to boil for the next couple of days.

The utility director says he will getting his department together soon to figure out a way to prevent these problems from happening again.


  • Nonya Bidness

    “People are crawling like snakes on their bellies trying to get to Memphis to get water,” she said.

    Could someone translate that into English for me …. I don’t speak ghetto

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