Thousands Try To Save AutoZone Park

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(Memphis) Tonight, the Memphis City Council will vote on whether to buy AutoZone Park.

In the meantime, thousands of people gave a final push to save the stadium.

In 20 degree weather, hundreds of fans went to bat outside the ballpark dressed in red for their Redbirds. They walked through downtown Memphis, ending at city hall.

"I am a big fan. A big supporter of the Redbirds," said Lesley Landry. "I think this is a great park, and the city needs to invest in it."

They want the city to buy the park for $20 million.

In exchange, the St. Louis Cardinals would buy the Redbirds and pay to play in the stadium.

Business owners say the deal will save downtown.

"This is one of the best parts of downtown. This brings people in from the suburbs. All across the city, and they get to experience Memphis. The real Memphis: downtown," said Taylor Berger, owner of Tamp & Tap.

Everyone signed a petition before they went home or back to work -- one last chance to convince city council to buy AutoZone Park after members balked at the mayor's original plan.

"There is money. They can find it if they want it, and this is such a great asset for downtown," said Landry.


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