One Person Dies After Shooting In Munford, TN

Posted on: 7:25 pm, January 6, 2014, by , updated on: 08:42pm, January 6, 2014

munford shooting

(Munford, TN) One person is dead after a shooting at a home in Munford, Tenn., Monday.

Authorities at the home, which is located on Appleberry Road, said they are not looking for a suspect.

The victim’s identity will not be released until family has been notified.


  • memphis reaching out to the surrounding cities

    • Lifelong Memphian says:

      If you hate Memphis so much, why don’t you move far, far away & quit complaining about it! And for the record, there’s crazy fools everywhere, which this shooting proves. How bout doing something positive, like praying for the victim’s loved ones!

      • Don says:

        I really don’t hate Memphis, but I do believe people hate what Memphis has and will become, Just another Detroit.

      • toby says:

        Yes, there are crazy fools, but there must be more of them in Memfrica because they sure like to kill each other.

        Detroit 2.0 is coming and I’m proud to not live in your useless liberal run city. At least it’s safe where I live and you can go out without fear of the “dark”.

  • pat says:

    The young lady killed was my sister. The gun just went off as she asked her husband to put it up. Safety was turned off and they did not know. It was just a freak accident. Please stop the negative talk, they loved each other.

  • Para says:

    Prayers for your family, Pat.

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