Frayser Family Braves Cold After Gas Pipe Breaks

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(Memphis) The deep freeze has a single mom and her five children sleeping in the cold.

Shreeka Emery and her children have spent three weeks crammed into two rooms, curling up by a space heater and praying they make it through the night.

Their gas line broke before Christmas, and her landlord has yet to do anything about it.

Since then, she's cooked her food and heated her kid's bath water in a crock pot.

Last week, week she called Shelby County Code Enforcement hoping they would get it fixed before the deep freeze hit Memphis.

Code Enforcement gave her landlord, Scott Marshall, until Tuesday morning to repair the pipes.

"Even in my thick socks that I keep on, my feet get cold. I can't stay in my kitchen for more than five minutes without a coat and hat," said Emery.

WREG called Emery's landlord.

Marshall said Emery is behind on her rent and even though she told him about the problem before Christmas, he couldn't find a licensed contractor to fix it until after the holidays.

Emery's family is worried about these next 48 hours, afraid her space heaters won't keep the family warm enough.

Memphis EMA saw WREG's tweet about the family. They have offered the family help.


  • Ms Kay

    @ Maximum: I know of this young lady. She is employed and is a very good mother to her children, so I’ve heard. Stop stereotyping people. You don’t know everyone’s story just because you are given a minuture view of something that may have taken place in their lives. We know where we’ve been but we definitely don’t know where we may have to go. Government assistance is not a bad thing if you are taking advantage of it until your situation improves. At least she is working to provide for her children. Many of are experiencing difficult times right now and are robbing Peter to pay Paul. If you are not in this situation, Praise GOD! But don’t stereotype people based on your own perceptions.

  • Tasha

    I blame the city for this, because the city allow these slum landlords to rent properties in the city that is not fit for even a dog to live in. Human beings should not live in these types of conditions at all. But because they are black nobody cares this is not humane at all. Dogs get better treatment than this. Slum landlord talking about rent I bet his heat was working. Until people take a stand against these conditions nobody else will do anything about the horrified live conditions in Memphis.

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