Informed Sources: AutoZone Park’s Future

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) We should learn this week if Memphis taxpayers will be on the hook for AutoZone Park by purchasing the downtown baseball park.

The city council will take up the issue on Tuesday as the two teams affected, the Memphis Redbirds and St. Louis Cardinals, apply heavy pressure to push it through.

Conventional wisdom is that it will squeak through.

Do my Informed Sources agree, or could this deal still fall apart?


  • Ronald

    Memphis should quit using tax payer money for buying things like auto zone park. Memphis didn’t have the money to keep all the police and fireman and know they are talking about buying the ball park are they stupid or what

  • Michael

    It’s being paid for by sales tax rebates plus Cardinals rent payments. It’s not using one cent of my property taxes. Your ‘taxpayers on the hook’ statement is misleading and inflammatory.

  • Joe

    sorry…..sales tax rebates? do you think we’re that stupid? Its borrowed money any way you slice it.

    city is on the hook for the upkeep…..that’s what the rent payments are for

    it’s taxpayer money……because its 20 million up front to pay back the original owners who couldn’t make it pay for itself

    so naturally the city will take up the job of losing money on it….

    somewhere, Sidney Schlenker is looking up and laughing

  • Michael

    Sorry Joe, the Cardinals will be responsible for the upkeep, just like the Grizzlies are responsible for the FedExForum upkeep. The Cardinals rent payments go to retire the bonds, not to the original owners. The original owners will be paid back by the Cardinals ($15 mil) who are buying the franchise from them. You use many of the same tired, worn out and proven wrong arguments we heard before the FedExForum was built. Thank God our leaders didn’t listen to the extreme rhetoric back then, and they shouldn’t now. This is a good deal.

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