Drunk Driver Wanted: One Teen Dead, Four Others Injured

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(Memphis) Memphis police are looking for a man who left four people hurt, two of them critically injured, and a teenage girl dead.  Police say he drove five people home from a north Memphis bar overnight and got into a terrible accident and ran from the scene before help got there.

For Kenya Dupree, it’s difficult enough accepting her older sister is gone.

“I have been crying all day,” she said.

It’s even worse knowing the person who killed her never stuck around to face what he did, “They were at the bar last night and they say he was drunk driving.”

Police are looking for the man who they say drove five people home from a Jackson Avenue bar early Saturday morning and crashed his car on North Watkins, just feet from Shakerri Dupree's home. She died from the crash. Police say the driver ran away before paramedics even arrived.

“We want anyone who has any information to come forward as soon as possible,” said Lameka Johson, Shakerri’s cousin.

The car hit two trees, lost a door, and partially took down a homeowner's front porch.

“I get off work at 2:15 a.m. and by the time I got in the bathtub, I heard the big noise. I thought someone was breaking in my house,” said Lovina White, who lives directly across the street from where the accident happened.

Two 20-year-old girls are still at the MED in critical condition.

Shakerri leaves behind more than just her sister and cousins.

“She was a girl full of life and full of joy. She had a daughter too, one year old. Just had a birthday last Sunday,” said Kenya.

Kenya wants answers for Shakerri's child. She believes she knows the driver's name, “He goes by the name of Duke.”

They were told his name was Duke by someone who escaped the tragedy.

“One of the girls that left the club with them- a sister of a girl in critical condition- she came to the house and told us she was in the car before the accident but she got dropped off around the corner first,” said Johnson.

She escaped a crash where police are still hunting for the person to blame.

If you think you know the driver, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.

Police say the car was registered to a person who lives on Lynchburg street in Raleigh but when officers went there, the driver was nowhere to be found.


  • Joe Censored

    Toby, they gave a description… a man. Sabrina and WREG and their PC BS are laughable… But hey, they are “on your side” whatever that means.13 and 24 seem to be the only stations in Memphis with ba11s anymore…

  • Nonya Bidness

    They were at a bar? The ages are 19, 20, 20 and unknown.

    Hey Sabrina, why didn’t you ask what three underage women were doing in a bar?

  • EducatedBlackWoman

    And to Shakerri Dupree’s family, my heart and condolonces go out to you all as you go through your stage of grief. May God be with you all and the other victims who were hurt and pray for justice that this drunk driver “Duke,” will be caught!

  • EducatedBlackWoman

    Jeff and Nonya Business… if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all because you all were not there!! Unneeded comments!!

  • Ricky

    What happened to the days of people sticking around and owning up when they make mistakes? What happened to common decency and empathy for your fellow man/woman?

    • valeria

      Drinking and driving isn’t specific to any particular race or culture Nonya; Day in and day out you attack blacks on this forum; using the anonymity of the internet to express things that I’m sure you’re too cowardly to say in person…your life must be pretty pathetic if you’re making a hobby out of attacking ppl on blogs…

  • Randy Brown

    Same as above. Too young to be in a bar. They should have known not to get in a car with a drunk. How did they get to the bar in the first place ? Just asking.

  • Ben Smith

    Too bad a little girl will not have her mother. I would hope WREG follows up at this establishment,to ascertain how numerous underage women were allowed to enter and drink.The owners and management may want to lawyer up soon,pending a civil suit.

  • Don

    Police say the car was registered to a person who lives on Lynchburg street in Raleigh but when officers went there, the driver was nowhere to be found.
    Great police work, if they had went and looked under Momma’s bed the may have found Duke. Pardon me, I forgot. This was MPD we are talking about. Should have called Shelby County deputies.

  • Mrs Peacock

    How many times must someone tell people to not get in a vehicle with a drunk driver? The girls should have had enough common sense to not accept a ride with someone drunk! They would be alive and safe if they had used their brain.

  • Barb B

    My prayers are with the family, it is to late for woulda, coulda, shoulda, yes you may say they should have known better, yes you may say what were they doing at a bar, maybe it was 18 and up, no one said they were drinking. We and other young people can take this as a lesson and we can continue to spread the word about drunk driving and getting into the car with a drunk drivers. Many of us young and old go to parties, clubs, etc, we have a drink, or ppl we are with have a drink, so don’t be so quick to judge. Just lift the families up in prayer, and pray that the surviors learn from this mistake. And its funny how the faceless, throw rocks and hide their hands.

  • Ms Kay

    The article doesn’t say “they” were drinking. It says, the driver was drunk. It is possible to attend a party and not consume alcohol. I’ve done it numerous of times. Usually in small establishments, the owners will permit underage young adults to attend parties there because they must provide their own alcohol. Nevertheless, a life has been lost and others are in critical condition. Until more information is provided, leave the assumptions and accusations alone. Spend time meditating on how good GOD has been to you and that when you made unwise and unhealthy decisions, the consequence didn’t kill you or your children.

  • KieraJohnson


  • Stay Safe

    I really feel sorrow for the family,because this is something that could have been avoided. I hope “Duke” come forward, because he didn’t have to put their life in jeopardy. This is a senseless act that he need to answer for. I know that the family is hurting, however this need to serve as an example to continue to preach DON’T DRINK & DRIVE TO SURVIVE….or DON’T RIDE WITH DRUNK DRIVER….

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