Armed Man Forces Deputies To Evacuate Cordova Neighborhood

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(Shelby County) People in a Cordova neighborhood are finally back in their homes after a welfare check turned into a barricade situation Friday.

A 63-year-old man called the Shelby County Sheriff's Dispatch Office non-emergency line as well as 911, "making statements and requests that concerned the dispatchers as to the man's well-being," the SCSO said.

In some of the calls, Clyde Mosby hung up; in others, he was obviously in distress.

Deputies say this was their first call to Mosby's Cordova home, but it was an intense one.

When they arrived at the home in the 7100 block of Amberly Way, Mosby opened the door, told them he had a weapon, and locked the door.

SWAT team members were called in and surrounded the house for three hours.

"He did have a weapon, but he never really threatened us with it, pointed it at us, or anything like that. He indicated that he had one, but we never saw it until we got inside the house,” said Chief Mark Dunbar.

Streets near the home were blocked off and Mosby's closest neighbors were asked to evacuate.

One neighbor said, "He's not a good person to deal with though, not saying he's harmful. He's got a lot of mouth and everything. He might not even have a gun. He just likes to intimidate people with his loud mouth."

Deputies who work as hostage negotiators convinced Mosby to come out of the home.

Authorities also confiscated a pistol found inside by the front door.

They're thankful, and so are neighbors, that this stand-off ended without a shot fired and without anyone getting hurt.

Dunbar said, "Anytime we have no one injured, it's successful."

Deputies say Mosby will likely be transported to a mental health facility.


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