Mother Filing Complaint After Incident With Deputies

(Memphis) Memphis mother Erica Shead said Friday that she will file a formal complaint with Shelby County Sheriff’s Office after deputies broke a window and entered her home while she was not there.

Shelby County said they were at the home Thursday afternoon with a felony arrest warrant for Shead’s 19-year-old son Marquel Brown for attempted robbery.

However, Shead said she was with her son, turning him in, when deputies came to her home.

“I went and got him yesterday and took him immediately to 201 Poplar and while I’m there I get a call from my daughter,” said Shead.

Shead said deputies threw a chair through her front window, then came inside where her children ages 10 through 17 were.

She said they forced her children to the ground and roughed up her 11- and 16-year-old boys.

“I think it was a poor exercise of the sheriff’s department using excessive force in this case. They were using excessive force against minor children,” said Shead.

“The officers told me that they had a right to break that window because they were serving a warrant.  They were not going to write a report and they were not going to pay for it,” said Shead.

SCSO sent this information about the incident:

Our deputies went to 4433 Cedar Bark Cv to serve a felony arrest warrant on Marquel Brown. When deputies arrived they knocked on the door and no one would come to the door. The deputies could see and hear people inside the residence. Deputies saw a male subject that was in the home that fit the description of the wanted fugitive Marquel Brown. Deputies then made entry by breaking the dining room window. Deputies located the man they believed to be Marquel Brown and found that to be his TWIN brother. Upon clearing the remainder of the residence, no contact was made with Marquel Brown.

While on the scene Lt. Nelson spoke with the “mother” by phone, who stated that she was at 201 Poplar with Marquel Brown, turning himself in. Our deputies arrived on the scene of 4433 Cedar Bark Cv at 1344 hours and left at 1428 hours.

Marquel Brown was booked into 201 Poplar at 1442 hours which indicates that he turned himself in while our officers were on the scene, but NOT before.

Our officers were later called back to 4433 Cedar Bark Cv in regards to an Ambulance call where the resident wanted an ambulance to transport her child to the hospital.

The homeowner of 4433 Cedar Bark Cv was advised on how to make a formal complaint on our deputies so that those allegations may be investigated.


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