Man Arrested For Beating Pregnant Girlfriend

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(Memphis) A Frayser man is out of jail after police say he beat and kicked his pregnant girlfriend.

The woman, who is eight months pregnant, had to be rushed to the hospital on New Year’s Day.

Nelson Wilkins’ family believes he needs mental help.

Family members say he’s been suffering from this angry, violent behavior for years.

“Hollering, crying, screaming, all of that,” said Garry Clear, Wilkins’ uncle, who described the attack.

Clear says he saw the end of it at the end of the driveway - his nephew's girlfriend on the ground and Wilkins still angry.

Police say Wilkins pulled his pregnant girlfriend out of their car by her hair, kicked her in the stomach, and then hit her with a bottle right out in the open on Voltaire Street.

Police say this is the second time he's beaten his pregnant girlfriend.

“That’s bad,” said Clear. “You have no business putting a hand on a woman, under no circumstance. That`s what I try to tell him all the time.”

According to court records, Wilkins also beat a previous girlfriend in 2011 and was locked up for that. He's also been arrested two times for stealing from cars and once for evading arrest.

This time, police say his behavior put the life of unborn child at risk.

His girlfriend was rushed to Baptist Women's  Hospital.

Wilkin's uncle hopes the baby is OK.

“Doe he deserve to be in jail right now?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“He was in jail. He just got out last night,” said Clear.

Just a few minutes later, Wilkins showed up as WREG was shooting this story outside his mom's house. The 22-year-old had no comment and ran inside the house.

“When you have an anger problem, that's hard to solve. You need treatment for that,” said Clear.

Treatment or not, Clear says no woman deserves to be hit.

Wilkins is out of jail on a $10,000 bond.


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