Bitter Cold Could Lead To Frozen Pipes

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(Memphis) If you can't imagine life without running water, you might want to start, because low temperatures dipping into the teens could cause your pipes to freeze over the next few days.

“It's cold right now,” said Mike Epstein with Epstein Plumbing.

He’s spent the past 30 years in the plumbing business.

“If I was a metal pipe, I would want to get a jacket around me,” said Epstein.

That's a big rule Epstein stresses you should remember in preventing frozen pipes.

“Anything that comes out of the house that’s exposed to cold weather, just wrap it with something, like insulation,” advised Epstein.

Inside, keep cabinet doors exposed to pipes open, that way heat is circulating around them.

He says don’t bother with the common trick of a running a slow drip for your faucets, Epstein calls that a waste of money.

“Unless it’s running full, it would freeze even if you had it dripping,” said Epstein.

If your pipes freeze, there's still one last thing you can do to prevent calling a plumber: turn your water off.

“Then wait until the temperature goes back to turn it back on,” said Epstein.

Epstein says temps in the 40s and 50s are warm enough to thaw out your pipes.

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