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Outside Workers Brave Cold Temperatures

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(Memphis) Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the work stops.

Outside workers are braving the freezing temperatures, and it can be dangerous if they’re not careful.

When the guitar dropped New Year’s Eve Beale Street was packed with tens of thousands.

Thursday, it’s much quieter as people try to stay inside where it’s warm.

Terry Cole doesn’t have a choice.

“The work doesn’t stop just because it’s cold. Some it does but not here, it doesn’t stop,” said Cole.

Cole works for a party rental business, and was picking up tents from Tuesday’s party on Beale.

He says the key to staying warm is layering up.

“Put on a lot more clothing and a hat and under cloths and thermals and it will be OK, because I’m hot right now because I’ve been moving around so much,” said Cole.

Hosea Carlos Rodriguez and his co-worker are under the gun to finish this sidewalk so the dumpster can be emptied, and must stay outside until the job is done.

“It’s cold, but when we start working the body gets a little hot and you’re not cold too much,” said Rodriguez.

Thursday night, the temperature will drop into the teens with wind chills below zero by the beginning of next week, so some outside workers sure to be busy are plumbers.

Plumbers say you will want to let your sinks drip over the next few nights to prevent a burst pipe.

The best tip to stay safe in this cold weather is to stay inside.

If you must be outside, you should dress in layers and properly covering all your exposed skin.


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