New Push In TN For Medical Marijuana

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(Nashville, TN) Supporters of medical marijuana are pushing once again to change state law.

Next week, new legislation will be introduced in the state legislature to legalize medical marijuana.

WSMV-TV in Nashville met one Tennessee family moving to Colorado due to their 21- month-old who has spent most of her life sedated by drugs.

“She is on one of the most potent epilepsy medications,” said Nicole Mattison told WSMV about her daughter Millie. “She is taking 2,000 milligrams a day, which would basically be equivalent to a grown man.”

The girl was reportedly having upward of 200 to 300 seizures a day.

The family hopes medical marijuana, which can be consumed through smoking, food or in pill form, will help.

Paul Kuhn, a board member for Tennessee NORML, “There are some states that don’t have the type of medical marijuana legislation that we want to have here, which is tightly controlled, that would create jobs, that would bring in tens of billion dollars of revenue to the state.”

Penn Mattison said the medical marijuana won’t get their daughter high; rather it will help with her seizures.

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    • Daniel

      California in 2009 brought in 16 billion dollars in taxes on medical marijuana. If every state legalized it’s use it would get us out of this economic slump that we are in.

    • Wintermute

      The gentleman did not say what time frame it would take to get that amount, and perhaps should have; but it is way overdue to repeal the insane Prohibition against marijuana for ANY adult as well as any sick person underage whose benefit is certified by a physician.

    • Don

      Well Joe, we are talking about medical marijuana, It will be controlled and not on the market, I don’t think the taxes would amount to much.

  • Regina

    I was a care giver to my husband who was on many pain medications before he died from taking pain medications. I believe that if it would have been legal then he could have possibly lived a little longer. To me there is no difference in taking a form of marijuana for illnesses than taking narcotics. Narcotics will eventually shut your system down and you will die. So I do support this effort to legalize it for medical use.

  • Tasha

    TN has always been behind on everything and the last to catch on to things that that could improve the state that’s why I moved. Duh!!!

  • 1wanderingtruthseeker

    People that are against this have never sat at their mother or father’s bedside while they are dying of cancer. Or had to live with chronic pain. This would put the drug dealers out of business, provide jobs that Memphis surely doesn’t have any. Alcohol kills your organs and will shrink your brain. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the government we have. They all drink and are running this country with shrunk brains.

  • dixie normous

    no not the dreaded killer weed! come on this is not 1967,get with it there is no good reason for it being banned other than William Randolph Hearst, used sensational press to sell newspapers with the drug crazed negro rapes white woman stories that he used to instill fear in people in order to sell papers

  • Patty Duncan

    Can you believe can get a license to have a gun, and you don’t have to do anything but be 21 to drink, but using cannabis, which hasn’t harmed anyone, but can save lives, can put you in jail.
    Things are so screwed up.

  • Bobbie Wayne

    Put it to a vote-

    And besides if a Dr. can prescribe me Vicodin, Morphine and Synthetic Herion…it seems down right ignorant to not allow cannibas to be prescribed.

  • Nonya Bidness

    While I myself don’t partake I’m all for legalizing marijuana and taxing it. The war on drugs has made drugs cheaper, easier to get and more powerful than ever before. It clearly isn’t working. This is the only logical next step.

  • Lori Ann

    It is time for Tennessee to come out of the dark ages and legalize. Marijuana/cannabis could help so many .

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