‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Speak Out In First Interview Since Controversy

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“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson has told Fox News his family is ready to get back to work now that A&E has lifted his father’s Phil’s suspension over remarks he made about homosexuality and race relations in a recent GQ magazine interview.

Robertson and his wife Korie spoke with Fox News as a part of its “All-American New Year” program which aired Tuesday night.  It’s the first time any member of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family has spoken to the media since the controversy broke.

In the exclusive interview, the couple said there are no hard feelings between the family and the cable network.

Read more and watch the interview on FoxNews.com.


  • dixie normous

    i am sick of hearing about these idiots, and im sick of seeing their faces on everything they can get other rednecks to buy! they have all ready shown they are a bunch of ignorant redneck throw backs,

  • Rita Blackman

    Our family and friends are happy that A&E finally came to their senses and allowed Phil and family back on the air! Good family values are something this country is running short of as of late. Also, why is it so wrong to allow conservatives freedom of speech, especially while we are bombarded with the vile rantings of liberals that spew their views on every channel on air? God bless America!

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