461 Oustanding DUI Warrants In Shelby County

(Memphis) Shelby County deputies are turning to Facebook again to clear their books of 461 active DUI warrants.

Of those warrants, 136 are from 2013 alone, and deputies hope by posting the pictures of some of the fugitives, they’ll get tips.

“What we did last night was post as many as we could from 2013, with their photos, in an effort to get the public involved to help us locate these individuals, and get them off the street,” said Sgt. Matthew Keaton.

New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day, Memphis police and Shelby County arrested eight people for driving drunk, but say those with active warrants are just as dangerous.

“And those people need to be off the street so they can pay for what they have done and hopefully correct the behavior so it doesn’t continue,” said Sgt. Keaton.

He says if they can clear some of the warrants then detectives in the fugitive division can focus on more violent crimes.

To visit the Shelby County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page, click here.

If you recognize any of the fugitives, you are urged to call the fugitive unit at  (901) 222-5620.


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