Video, 911 Call Reveal Final Moments Of Tupelo Officer Killer’s Life

(Phoenix, AR) We now have a shocking look at the bank robber who killed a Tupelo police officer and wounded another as he held up banks across the country.

Mario Edward Garnett is dead after being shot by Arizona police.

A 911 caller witnessed the final standoff of the man accused of a country crime spree.

Hear the 911 call:

"He's wearing a bandana around his mouth, covering his eyes...and his face," said the caller.

The caller didn’t realize he was watching Mario Edward Garnett, the man wanted by the FBI for attempted armed robbery in Georgia and the murder of Tupelo Police Sergeant Gale Stauffer and the injury of another officer, Joseph Maher, in Mississippi.

Phoenix police say Garnett methodically held up his last victims.

"He entered the bank; he put a block of some type on the door. He did pull out a weapon and he told them this is a robbery,” said Sgt. James Holmes with Phoenix Police.

Garnett then told tellers to empty out their cash registers and give him money from the vault.

"There he goes he's running out. He's running out,” said the witness on the phone with 911.

He then saw a shootout between Garnett and police.

"They're shooting! They're in a shootout, holy crap. The guy pulled a gun and started shooting at the officer. One guy down. He's down. God that's crazy," said the caller.

Phoenix Police say Garnett may have known what he was getting himself into outside this bank after the robbery.

"This suspect actually mentioned having seen the police outside before he left that bank," said Sgt. Holmes.

Garnett is a former solider and was released from jail just six months ago after making threats against the president. He was also ordered to not have a gun for mental health reasons.

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