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Pass It On: Building A Friendship

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(WREG-TV) The start of a new year means resolutions, and maybe one we should all consider is giving back a little more.

This week's Pass It On features a playmaker who's already made that resolution as he gives our $900 gift, and a lot more, to a recipient who's facing a very tough 2014.


  • Anonymous

    Correction! Joe has SEVEN kids, the seventh just turned one two days ago. A kid that he left, and the mom has had to take care of the kid without any of joes help at all. Joe I hope that you use this money wisely and not towards your “habit”. Sometimes I wonder if the right people receive the money from pass it on, in this case I think its a mistake.

    • Cheyenne

      Excuse me, all people who are apparently dying for attention and wanting to ruin someone’s image I will clear these accusations up real quick. Joe has seven children. He HAS REPEATEDLY asked and tried to see the seventh, but the mother of the baby will NOT answer or even acknowledge the fact that the baby has siblings and a father. He does not have a “bad habit.” He is a good man who is trying to better his life. People like all of y’all really bother me. Pass it on is given to people who need it and deserve it. This was a blessing from God to Joe and his family. All of you who continually make up rumors and try to bring shame to his name may now run along and get a life.

      • anonymous

        He should keep his dick in his pants. He can’t afford the children he has now and his family supports them, not him or his wife.

  • Tina

    I think the purpose of Pass it On is great. But Joe does not have six children he has seven and she just turned one on December the 31st! In which he doesnt even acknowledge or take care of her. How could you leave your infant daughter out her without any care or a father?

  • Anonymous

    This is very sad to see this man that has a ‘bad habit’ to take this money that means so much to other people who really need it! Yes, you and your ‘wife’ may have six children but you have a one year old beautiful daughter, in which you do not play any part of taking care of this child. This is very sad because I know there is someone else that could benefit from this!

  • Cynthia Smith

    From an outside source.. I think it is a crying shame that you all are so jealous that you have to get on here and bash a man during what is apparently a blessing in his & his families life! Whether him or his family truly deserve this is only for one person to judge (which is none of you all) & as we all can see he made his decision. Nothing happens whether good or bad without his doings! So if the statements you are making are true then the mother of this child should be seeking sympathy & resolution from the legal system & not from comments over the Internet. As I & most of American agree a father should stand up & take care of his child on his own but if not there are ways of enforcing this without comments such as these.

  • Anonymous

    Jealous!!!! NoNoNo He has nothing for anyone to be jealous of. If the people that gave this money knew the truth about this man they would be sick.This is coming from someone that knows both familys. The kids are scattered everywhere. The video makes out like he is taking care of all of these kids when in fact he is only taking care of 2! And for her being sick I am sorry IF she is but the habits that these 2 have are ridiculous. These peoples hard earned money should go to people that need it not someone that uses it to support there habit!! And as far as being JUDGED Thank God we will be someday!! To all of the honest people that gave money and to the poor boss that only sees one side of this family I am sorry. So to you that says its Jealousy—maybe you she get the facts and know the whole story before you get on here talking like that!!! Sorry but I just cant stand to see good people walked on!!!

    • Cheyenne

      I happen to be the oldest daughter, so let me tell you that what I say is true. My mom and dad do NOT have bad habits that need to be supported. My dad is a hardworking man and my mom is fighting cancer. I agree with you, We will ALL be judged one day and personally if I were you I would be praying for forgiveness for making accusations against them. So since you won’t put your name to your words MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND GET THE WHOLE STORY. Put your name to it and own it, or keep it to yourself.

  • anonymous

    The fact that an adult makes the decision to continue to procreate and bring Kore children into the world that they cannot support is a tragedy. I feel sorry for the wife, but she has enabled him to do what he does. I have direct correspondence from the wife as to the husband (Joe) behavior.

  • Cheyenne

    It’s funny to me how you think you know eveything about them when obviously you don’t. How many kids they have is not your concern. You are not part of my family. You do not have the right to talk trash about him. You should look at your own life because I’m pretty sure it’s not perfect. Go on somewhere with your lying. You want to talk about keeping him keeping things to hisself. How about you keep your mouth shut and remove my parents names from it.

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