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Officer Shot In Tupelo Bank Robbery Sent Home

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(Tupelo, MS) Officer Joseph Maher has been released from the hospital after being shot last week.

Maher and Sgt. Gale Stauffer were shot December 23 after a bank robbery in Tupelo.

Officer Maher was reportedly shot in the face.

Sgt. Stauffer died due to his injuries.

Mario Garnett, 40, is believed to be the man who shot the officers and tried to rob two other banks before being shot and killed in Tucson.

The following statement is from Tupelo Chief Bart Aguirre:

“I am so pleased to report that Patrolman Joseph Maher was released from the hospital this morning.  It has been a week since an attempt was made on his life while on duty.  The whole community watched and prayed that he would survive the brutal attack while the hands of skilled medical professionals brought him through the crisis. Officer Maher,  warrior spirit overcame this evil with the support of family, friends, fellow officers, and community.  However, Officer Maher and his family have suffered both physically and emotionally–they need a time of quiet peace as a family.  Please respect their request for a time of privacy to spend together.  In a couple of weeks, Officer Maher feels he will be strong enough to meet with the media for an update on his condition. The TPD and Officer Maher both appreciate the support of the media and the community through the turmoil of the past week.”


  • Spikeit53

    Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Officer Maher was shot in the line of duty. I understand “sick days” but this wasn’t like he was hurt off duty on a 4-wheeler. I do respect the other officers for wanting to donate their time to him, but shouldn’t the city step in and take care of this officer once his own sick days run out? I know this is a drastic incident but still, wouldn’t this be an OJI? Makes no sense to me but it certainly shows what Tupelo thinks of it’s employee’s. Injured in the line of duty? Apparently Tupelo hasn’t heard of short term/long term insurance for ee’s, ESPECIALLY for it’s police force who face danger daily.

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