Liberty Bowl Is Economic Touchdown For Memphis

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(Memphis) Touchdowns, rowdy fans, and delicious tailgate food all makes for a great Liberty Bowl.

Randy Taylor is here at the Liberty Bowl to cheer on his team, Rice.

“Had a great time in Memphis. We’ve been here since Friday so we’ve made a trip of it,” said Taylor.

Like over 50,000 other football fans Dale Berry is looking to spend some major cash while in the Bluff City.

“Beale Street was good. We went there yesterday and walked Beale Street and went to the parade. It was good, and being from south Mississippi we compare Beale Street to Bourbon Street and I think it’s just as good as Bourbon Street,” said Berry.

All these fans translate into dollars for local hotels, restaurants and tax revenue.

“It has a tremendous impact on New Year’s Eve in the city. So I can tell you in the crowds on Beale Street there will be a lot of out of towners,” said Memphis Convention and Visitor’s Bureau President Kevin Kane.

Kane says Memphis is likely to make over $20 Million dollars because of the Liberty Bowl, but the money isn’t as valuable as something else the Liberty Bowl provides.

“You’re looking at a national television audience. You’re looking at a lot of exposure on New Year’s Eve when a lot of people are glued to their television sets watching football,” said Kane.

That exposure will hopefully make a good impression of Memphis and bring even more tourist here to spend money.

When tourists come to town they always head to Beale Street, and the Beale Street Merchants Association president says December has been a tough month for all the restaurants because of bad weather, but they hope to make up for it with the Liberty Bowl and New Year’s crows.