Beale Street Prepares For Tens Of Thousands Of NYE Participants

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(Memphis) Beale Street is bracing for the biggest night of the year as more than 30,000 people are expected for New Year’s Eve.

That’s like the entire town of Olive Branch stuffed on one street.

It’s already getting pretty busy on Beale Street as Mississippi State and Rice fans are coming in to town for tomorrow’s Liberty Bowl.

A guitar drop to mark the New Year’s Eve countdown is also expected to bring an above average crowd to the most iconic street in the country.

As workers begin putting up guard rails and blocking off streets people like Elizabeth Flees are getting exited for New Year’s Eve in Memphis.

“It looks like they’re really getting everything organized really well so I think it will be fine,” said Flees.

Flees came all the way from Mexico to see the guitar drop.

She’s not worried about safety in the crowds.

Beale Street Merchants Association President Ty Agee says there’s no reason to be worried.

Memphis Police are doubling up and will have Skycop surveillance and patrol units around the clock for the New Year’s celebrations.

“The police have ramped up every single thing they do. We’ve got over time people down here, horse cops down here, the sheriff, the fire department,” said Agee.

Beale Street will be gated with five checkpoints to get into the street.

Officers will be screening each person who comes in for weapons.

Beale Street isn’t just focusing on security preps Monday.

Agee says Beale Street businesses are getting ready for an onslaught of customers who will possibly tripling business, at least he hopes so.

“This has been one of the roughest Decembers we’ve ever had. Three weeks ago it set in. Either freezing rain or cold every Friday for three weeks in a row,” said Agee.

Agee says tomorrow’s cold by dry forecast is great news to change their luck.

The last time Mississippi State was in the Liberty Bowl, attendance records were broken, and Agee hopes to see a repeat this year, because all those fans come down here and that translates into big bucks.