Mid-South Man Accused of Soliciting Sex with Teen Girl on Craigslist


(Humboldt, TN) A West Tennessee man is  accused of trying to have sex with a young girl he met on Craigslist.

62-year-old James Ledbetter was arrested Friday night and charged with Solicitation of Aggravated Statutory Rape.

Investigators say Ledbetter met the girl through a Craigslist ad and later exchanged emails and texts messages with her.

Police say he arranged to meet her at a fast food restaurant where he planned to take her to her home for sex.

Ledbetter was arrested when he showed up for that meeting.

According to a preliminary investigation, investigators say this may not be the first time he’s tried to solicit sex with a minor.




  • grayhawk

    We know this man is sick and is a old fool but the bible say
    that man were born into a world of sin so he knew better,
    but that fast little b_t_h knew better also start locking these
    fast little girls up also that share the blame an fine
    her parent for being on line sharing information with an

  • Lynn Partee

    I feel the parents of these underage social networking teens should be held accountable for the safety of their childred. Parents feel as soon as a child learns to dial a number they should get a cellphone. There is a problem with teens and social network. Someone should take a close look at this growing problem. Addditionally, I do not have a problem with a child having a cell phone but access to social media should limited to 18 or older.

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