Elderly Man Dies After Being Dragged by Car on I-55

Posted on: 7:04 pm, December 28, 2013, by , updated on: 11:13pm, December 28, 2013

(Memphis) Two men are behind bars in connection with a deadly hit and run. The crime happened in Tennessee, but the two suspects were arrested across the state line in DeSoto County.

Police say the 69-year-old man and his wife were driving down the interstate around 1 a.m., Saturday, when the man accidentally dropped his phone out the window. He pulled over in the emergency lane near Shelby Drive to get it. The man got out of his car as another car was driving down the road. That driver struck the elderly man and kept going. The victim was dragged along the interstate.

“Its definitely awful. I can’t even imagine dying like that,” said driver Frank McCollins.

The man’s wife was in their car and watched her husband’s tragic death unfold. Other drivers on 1-55 also saw it happen and followed the hit and driver. The driver got off the highway and stopped the car at Millbranch and Stateline. Police say, the driver and a passenger bailed from the car and started running, but they didn’t get very far.

The news stunned other drivers in the area, like Frank McCollins, who now has a bigger of what could happen on Mid-South roadways.

“Dark, day anything. If I drop my cell phone, I’ll pull over and have to think do I really want to get it,” said McCollins.

He’s thankful other drivers followed the suspected hit and run driver and police were able to arrest them, keeping dangerous criminals off the interstates.

Police have not yet released the identities of the victim or the suspects.


  • Jack says:

    Does anyone bother to proofread the stories posted on this site? The lack of professionalism is appalling and it should be addressed.

  • Skeptic says:

    I’ve never seen so many typos in such a short article. I think someone needs to learn how to use spell-check and take a grammar lesson.

  • Cary Miller says:

    Dabegrous criminals? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the left-out words and errors in this story. I’ve been complaining of a total lack of editing in online articles, but nothing ever changes. Apparently, it’s all about rushing stories to print. I am still shocked at the base level of online “reporting” and the fact that no one seems to care.

  • Joel Wood says:

    No cell phone is worth getting killed over…. unbelievable..

  • Ray says:

    How did the passenger become a dangerous criminal? Just a thought.

  • If you can read you can understand.

  • grayhawk says:

    How do you drop a phone out the window on the highway unless
    he were throwing out trash an the phone few out first this so very
    sad an the people that ran him down like a dog will burn in hell if they
    had stood on the scene it would been accident death because
    he cause his own death,my pray goes out to the family.

  • Deja Brew says:

    Typical Memphians, they love to do hit-and-runs. This is no surprise. I hope they get dragged around in jail for running and having no remorse for killing a man. Scumbags!

  • LoveGod says:

    Wow. We need to pray for the people in this world. So much hate and no love.

  • LoveGod says:

    That was really unnecessary. “Obammyfown”…. Really? I will pray for you. Stop the hate and love your president. Our country needs love not hate.

  • angela says:

    everyday some idiot turns tragedys here in memphis into something racial how pathetic thats all they have to do with themselves so sad

  • Abbey says:

    Have the names of the suspects been released yet?

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