Woman Who Jumped Off Overpass To Avoid Oncoming Car Home From Hospital

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(Memphis) After 15 days in the MED, Pamela Byrd-Davis is out of the hospital and back home.

She’s the flight attendant who jumped off an icy bridge December 7th to escape an out-of-control car on Walnut Grove.

Doctors tell Pamela she will recover 100 percent, but she says she'll never forget, and also never remember, parts of that night.

“I could not move,” said Pamela. “I felt paralyzed at that moment but I refused to give up.”

Pamela knows how close she was to greeting death.

She survived falling from an overpass, trying to avoid being killed by a car spinning on ice.

It happened during an ice storm after she got into an accident on Walnut Grove and two young women stopped to help her.

“The girls walk up and say ‘Hey, are you okay?’ then BOOM, that car hits and gets our attention and we're like ‘Oh no!’ It was that fast.”

All three women jumped off the overpass, thinking it was only a divider in the road.

They landed 30 feet below.

Pamela doesn't even remember the fall.

“I just all of a sudden remember waking up because snow was falling on me and trying to get the snow off me and just being in amazing pain.”

Pamela broke her arm, ribs, and back.

One of the strangers who helped her is still in the hospital.

The third woman is okay.

Pamela says she knows their names but can't remember their faces.

“I want to meet them. I hope I get the chance because I want to thank them for stopping like that that night.”

In a back brace and cast, Pamela wouldn't have it any other way.

She's alive for her 14-year-old son, whom she thought of that night on the ground, in the snow.

“I was saying to myself, ‘This is serious. You got to get help. You got to get out of here. You have something to live for. You have a child. You have a boy.'”

Pamela says because a host of friends have supported her this past month around the clock, she says she’s learned just how important friends are when you need them.

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