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Woman Solves Contractor Robbery Crime

Posted on: 5:25 pm, December 23, 2013, by

(Memphis) Police are looking for a man who robbed two contractors working on a house in Southeast Memphis. So far, authorities have arrested Letarius Sims, who they say robbed the workers by pointing a shotgun at them.

Three days after the contractors were robbed, police say Sims struck again. This time, the victim recognized his face.

“It was a horrible experience,” said the victim. “I am still nervous about it. I am really, really upset.”

She didn’t want to show her face on camera, but the woman helped put the man in jail.

Police say on December 16, two gunmen pointed shotguns at men working on a house on Carolyn. They took their wallets and stole one of the worker’s trucks. Three days later, the woman and her friend were held-up in her driveway in the Whitehaven area, “As I was walking back to her car, this guy walks up to me to pull a gun on me.”

She says before the robber stole her friend’s car and took off, she got a good look at him, “When he came up, I just told him ‘You don`t want to do this. You don`t want to do this’.”

She works for a South Memphis Shelby County high school and recognized Sims as a student who went to that same school the year before, “I recognized him from that.”

That identification led police to interview Sims, who they say confessed to robbing and carjacking her and her friend and doing the same thing to the two contractors three days before, “That has got to be devastating to them. A contractor, you know, you are working on a house and then you got someone walk up to you and do this. It’s like us. We walked up and the next thing you know we have a gun in our face.”

She says the incident has made her nervous and afraid to even take her trash out.

Sims is being held at the CJS on a half a million dollar bond.

If you have any information about Sim’s alleged accomplice in the robbery, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH



  • Buckwheat says:

    Letarius? What do you all do, just play scrabble and try to come up with the most ghetto name you can?

  • Joe Williams says:

    18 years old!!!. GREAT job mom and dad… I mean baby mamma. You should be proud.

    Memphis Representing!!!

    Keepin it Real.!!!

  • 1midtownmike says:

    If Obummer had a son………………..

  • LHin901 says:

    This person was arrested on Oct. 17 and charged with 5 residential burglaries, one of which was my son’s house. On Nov. 5 he was arrested again for burglary. Hopefully, $500,000 bond will keep him in jail this time.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    Not likely. It doesn’t pay to keep him in jail.

    • Phil says:

      Yep. People don’t realize that if crime were to drop by 20%, we’d have a depression in this city! Crime pays, if you are on the right side of the equation. Be a Judge, and you can act like “The Lord thou God,” and get paid for it, with a lifetime appointment! Be a bondsman, and make money off the dope dealers. Offer your services…BEFORE they are needed. You charge a small fee to be on retainer, and in the criminals speed dial. Convince the voting public that more Police on the streets is the answer, and you can be a Cop with a nice pension and a guaranteed paycheck. Folks…we NEED Crime!

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