TACT Unit Returning To Service After Suspension

(Memphis) The TACT Unit will return to service, Police Director Toney Armstrong announced Monday.

TACT officers have special firearms and hazardous substance training and are called in on high-risk cases such as barricade and hostage situations.

Armstrong said there was a general lack of control and coordination in the department, and that the unit’s officers were given improper ammo in the past.

Major Sam Hines is the new TACT unit commander.

Hines has military and FBI academy experience, and served in the TACT unit for two years back in the ’90s. He was most recently in charge of Mayor A C Wharton’s executive duty (bodyguard) detail.

The TACT unit was suspended after an Oct. 15, 2013, barricade situation, during which TACT Officers Timothy Jackson and Paul Hutchison were shot by suspect Aaron Dumas during a stand-off.

Dumas died when the house he was in caught fire, and questions began about how the stand-off was handled.

Some members of the police department’s TACT Unit were reportedly using flammable gas that should never be deployed indoors.

“They had ammo similar in size and appearance that should have been used for crowd control, and it was used in that residence,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong said Monday he wasn’t pleased with the supervision on the scene that day.

On October 25th, police sent out a news release saying the TACT Unit was being restructured and reassessed.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department handled TACT calls during the suspension.


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