Last Minute Shoppers Fighting Clouds This Holiday

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(Memphis) The weather is making the holiday shopping squeeze a little tighter.

Saturday morning, the weather wasn’t bad, just a little drizzle and wind. But the clouds in the sky were a sign the gloomy but peaceful day, wouldn’t stay at rest. This year it’s the clouds, not the crowds shoppers have to fight at the last minute.

“God's in control. I don't worry about the weather,” said Mom Leslie Mason. She and her husband, Justin, spent the day in the wind and rain getting those last minute stocking stuffers for their 6 and 8- year-old kids. The weather's not ideal, but this weekend is all they have.

“My parents are watching the kids,” said Mason.

Mom Jamie Candebat is watching the sky.

“I heard about the weather, my husband warned me,” said Candebat.

With a toddler in tow, she plans on shopping and a play date. But says if the weather gets dangerous as expected, they'll go home. Christmas presents will have to wait.

“No big deal. We'll just go online,” said Candebat.

Grandpa Vertis Windam didn’t shop online. We caught up with him just as rain started to hit the ground in east Memphis. But even though stores like, Toys-R-US, are staying open 24/ 7 for shoppers, Windham says he’s done.

“If it's really bad, I got to take it in,” said Windam.

Some shoppers we spoke with say if the weather keeps them from getting everything done, they will settle on electronic gift cards instead.

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