Accused Waffle House shooter in Nashville Police custody

Informed Sources: MPD Under Fire

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(Memphis) From its policy on the public recording officers with their cellphone cameras to the release of a teenage suspect who had confessed to murder, there are more tough questions related to the department's relationship with the community it serves.


  • Nonya Bidness

    I can understand why you buried this non-story on page 3. Huge lack of information. What Richard, the boss tell you you had to do more online reports. Well this is a pitiful attempt.

  • Kevin

    fire the top officials and also include our lame Mayor. It’s his fault this city is falling apart like it is … Chumly or whatever her name is would have done a much better job. I just hate I voted for the lame head that holds that seat now …. I am sorry Memphis community, please forgive me this time …

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