Cracker Barrel Reverses “Duck Dynasty” Decision

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(CNN) Cracker Barrel restaurant executives admit they made a mistake in pulling some “Duck Dynasty” merchandise from store shelves.

The restaurant made the decision on Saturday. A portion of the merchandise that could be seen as offensive was removed.

On Sunday, there was a change of plans after Cracker Barrel received thousands of complaints on its Facebook page. The items were returned to the restaurant stores.

The controversy surrounds A & E’s decision to suspend Phil Robertson, one of the show’s stars, after he made remarks about homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine.

It is not clear if Robertson will return to the show.

He is featured in some episodes that have already been shot. They will begin airing on the network in January.

The Robertson family has released a statement supporting the family patriarch.




  • 4 real?

    No, don’t take away people’s right to be idiots and purchase all the nonsense they can buy that’s associated with that stupid show! You got to give the people what they want, no matter how foolish they may be. More buffoonery it is, I guess. Probably, in the not to distant future, TV will degrade into the kind of mindless gobbledygook that was eluded to in the movie Idiocracy. What’s next, a show on A&E called Phart, where you have a whole season devoted to who can break wind the longest and at the highest frequency of sound?

  • 1midtownmike

    It’s a sad state when certain people are obsessed with reality shows that feature a Kardashian mother who pimps out her daughters to black men and it’s the norm but you have what appears to be a grounded individual with moral conviction and it all hits the fan.

    • 4 real?

      “but you have what appears to be a grounded individual”

      Really? Are you serious?

      (walks out of room shaking head in disgust)

    • 4 real?

      Well, to each his own. If you consider that walking, obtuse, embellishment of the word hillbilly “grounded”, then so be it.

  • Ron Shaffer

    Funny folks that you are backing the Duck Dynasty items when it is A&E’s merchandise and not the Duck Commander merchandise. A&E owns the Duck Dynasty name and merchandise and the Robertson’s own Duck Commander. Support the latter and not the A&E business.

  • Nonya Bidness

    The LGBT community gets played and they wind up with two black eyes over this.

    The first black eye comes from A&E network trying to sell more “Duck Dynasty merchandise so they allow an interview that will get the LGBT community up in arm thereby causing the Chick-Fil-A effect.

    The second black eye comes from a loss of position. For a long time the LGBT community has championed anti-bullying. They will now look like the bullies and whenever they try to move this position forward they will instantly be shut down by having this situation thrown in their faces.

    What the LGBT community should have done is come out in support of Phil’s right to free speech and given their thoughtful response.

  • Nonya Bidness

    It isn’t the red necks killing each other off at a furious rate ………. and Memphis isn’t getting any better.

    • Ilaughatyoureallyhard

      Yeah the Necks can rest these days…they hit their numbers decades ago in something called the Civil Rights Movement…

  • MikeBarret

    No body has infringed or impinged upon Phil’s right to free speech. Only the government has the ability to do that. Read the f—ing Constitution.

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