Memphis Police: Three Guns Stolen From Pawn Shop

(Memphis, TN) Three stolen guns are now on the streets of Memphis. Police said two shotguns and a rifle were taken during a pawn shop burglary in Raleigh.

The guns were stolen December 2nd, but police are just now telling the public about it.

The surveillance video shows a man dressed in all white dart past a Christmas tree inside AA Pawn on Old Austin Peay.

Seconds later, his partner in crime followed.

Police said the pair grabbed the guns from the back of the store and got away.

“They need to do something about that, because there is enough [guns] out here already,” said Raleigh resident Jamie Gibbs.

The owner of AA Pawn wouldn’t go on camera, but said the thieves took his “baddest” guns in the shop.

Police said they first broke into Quick Lend next door and then forced open a door that connects the two businesses.

An alarm went off, so they only had time to grab the guns.

The pawn shop owner said a few weeks before, three armed men tried robbing his shop, but his employee scared them away by firing a gun.

It was also caught on tape. While the owner was ok with it, MPD wouldn’t let us show you the video.

A few doors down, Donald Parris said this is the first time he’s heard about the stolen guns.

He said police should have let people know about the crime right after it happened.

“I do run a business here, so I definitely don’t want to be impacted by the guns,” said Parris. “I don’t know if it has to do with their investigation or not, but it’s news to me.”

WREG asked police Friday why they waited so long to let you know about the stolen guns.

They said they would ask their investigators and get back to us Saturday.


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