Mother Outraged After Baby Dies While In DCS Custody

(Memphis) A Memphis mother is demanding answers after her 11-month-old baby died while in DCS custody.

Anna Mosley said her son Xavier died November 17th while at a Bartlett foster home.

“They said the baby wipe was in his mouth, the ambulance pulled the baby wipe out of his mouth,” Mosley said about what she was told by her child’s caseworker right after the death.

But Mosley’s attorney said they have gotten very little official word from DCS.

“In a nine-to-eleven word email saying, your child died basically because the heart stopped beating, which is the cause of death for everybody,” said attorney James Sanders about what DCS has released to the family.

They’ve asked repeatedly for more information, but say they have not received the requested documents.

A DCS representative told WREG Thursday that DCS has 60 days to investigate the case, and they have not completed the investigation.

DCS took Mosley’s infant and her 2-year-old in August.

“The department was concerned that the father and the mother absent sufficient training wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care that the child that passed away would need,” said Sanders.

Mosley’s children suffered from digeorge syndrome, which limits delay of essential body functions.

Sanders said the children were set to be returned to Mosley and the children’s father in October, but that the father lacked a one-hour course.

Four weeks later, Xavier was dead.

“I don’t know how the baby wipe got in his mouth or how he got a hold of the baby wipe,” said Mosley.

Mosley said her parental rights had not been taken away, so she is entitled to information about what led to her child’s death.

To make matters worse, Xavier’s father passed away in a traffic accident earlier this month.

DCS still has custody of Mosley’s 2-year-old.


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