Group Gets Run-Around On MPD Cell Phone Policy

(Memphis) The Memphis United Coalition said they have not been able to see a “cell phone policy” for Memphis Police.

“We just want to see the policy to see what it is in our rights to do. And this is stuff in our rights and this is violating our rights,” said Nick Hicks with MUC.

“If there is a policy that is out there like they say it is, then just go public with the information that is out there. If it’s not, we just want something that is publicly stated,” added Hicks.

News Channel 3 has reported several incidents where people were arrested after recording police with their cell phones.

We’ve heard there isn’t a policy on cell phones, but we’ve also heard there was an old policy.

“We’ve actually re-written that policy and we feel like going forward our department is going to be more informed and that’s certainly going to be a violation of our policy. As long as someone is doing it legally it’s not within the scope of our authority to take those devices from them,” said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong Tuesday.

But Hicks said he wants to see the policy in writing and thinks officers should see it also.

“It’s just the accountability, if citizens break the law, they’re held accountable. Then the same thing should go for law enforcement,” added Hicks.

A MPD spokeswoman told News Channel 3 by email Wednesday, “This policy has been approved, however, the drafting is incomplete at this time. We will send this to you upon completion.”

MPD would not release the old cell phone policy or new policy Wednesday.


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