Bartlett Issues Warrant For Woman In New Mexico Shootout

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(Bartlett, TN) A Bartlett judge has issued a Failure to Appear warrant for a woman who was the focus of a shootout in New Mexico.

Oriana Lee Farrell was stopped in New Mexico for speeding in October.

Farrell decided to take off in her van which set a chain of events in motion, including state troopers shooting at the vehicle.

Monday’s court appearance in Bartlett was for a speeding ticket issues in September.

Farrell was a no show, prompting the warrant.


    • Bad Nig

      Because she committed a crime and got out of the punishment by using the usual racism card. A police officer unfairly lost his job because of this low life form.

    • hateliberalcommies

      Necks did not run from police,,this looney toon did. Must be hard for you to keep trying to defend these losers,,

    • Kevin

      the necks in Memphis, Mississippi, and Arkansas are just stupid like that. They were all educated by some tobacco-chewing back-wood, incest having parents and that’s what they produced … I work their kind everyday but they are scared to say anything or look you eye to eye.

  • Christine

    If you are saying that this woman and her son are criminals, then what would you call the shooter in Newtown and his mother.

    • Fran

      THis woman has proven that she thinks she is above the law because of her race. This happens with any race when they cannot admit that they have done something wrong. as for the Mom of the Newton shooter, she was not a criminal. She was a victim/

  • teresa

    (what i am about to write has nothing to do with the article) Dear God, this is my prayer for the commenters on this subject; forgive them, for they no not what they say or do. In Jesus name i pray. amen.

  • Jayme Kennedy

    I know exactly what I say and do! This lady (whether she be white, black, pink or purple) Is not above the law. Had she agreed to pay the $128 ticket and not run, none of this would have happened. At least not in NM…apparently, its her “thing”…I feel bad for the children who have to learn from this mother.

  • Ray

    I think the officer should have never let it get as far as it did. The guy was too small to do the job and too stupid to call for backup right away. I think the cop shooting at the car was an idiot. There are kids in the car whose lives are worth more than anything. The mom needs to go to jail to. Her kids should go to a better parent that will raise them right. She needs to be in jail.

    • Fran

      First off better watch the entire video, He did call for backup. Second the officer who shot at the tires was a 12 year veteran of our NMSP, That is New Mexico State police for you. He arrived after she stopped a second time and did not have all the information. Third, She should never have put her kids in that situation in the first place. She ran from the first officer one time before. Second her son got out of the car and assaulted the first officer. It is easy for those that watch movies to judge police without knowing what they are required to do. And before you ask,.I am no police officer but as one that deals with them on a day to day basis in EMS, my best friend retired from law enforcement and my father in law retired from Law enforcement, I do know what I am talking about. After she fled the first time she became a felon. Attacking the officer is a felony. Yes her kids should be taken away. But that is for the courts to decide.

  • TeaPayne

    why is she not sitting in jail right now anyway? resisting arrest,obstruction of justice,possession of drugs,child endangerment ETC. come on!!

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