Mother Of Holly Bobo Continues To Search For Answers

Posted on: 3:39 pm, December 16, 2013, by

Holly Bobo Poster

(Darden, TN) Once again, the family of Holly Bobo is asking for your help finding out what happened her.

Bobo was last seen in April 2011 behind her home.

There have been numerous searches and many tips, but few answers.

Bobo’s mother Karen is once again putting her daughter’s face out there and asking for help:

“My name is Karen Bobo and I need your help to find my daughter.  For the past 30 months, our lives have been anything but normal.

Our mission in life is to find Holly and bring her home.

During this holiday season as families gather to enjoy being together, our family struggles trying to get word out about Holly and bring awareness to her abduction.

The greatest gift we could ever receive would be that one clue that brings her home…

Please help me get the word out about Holly.  Without your help, there is no way we can get awareness out about Holly to a large audience.  We also have changed the reward structure in hopes that it will help bring information forward and bring Holly home to us.  Each and every day is a struggle but we will keep working and doing all we can to bring her home.  Will you help us?

I will gladly do an interview if you are willing.  If not, please post her new flyer to help bring attention to the new reward structure.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter. We sincerely appreciate any help that you can offer.

May God’s peace follow you in every step of your life.”


  • JustMe says:

    My opinion is that the brother knows something. I can say for certain that if I saw my sister entering the woods with 2 guys in camo that I didn’t know, I would follow and do everything I possibly could to find out who they are.

  • concerned friend says:

    JustMe, where have you been? If you comment, at least know the facts.

    • Nonya Bidness says:

      What are the facts? Either there have been very few facts released or the media is doing a poor job communicating them.

      How do we know she didn’t just leave? I’m not being insensitive I am asking because I had a sister that disappeared at the age of 17. 15 Years later she walked back into our lives. She had just had enough and left. Trying to get her death certificate reverse was almost impossible.

      I have very few facts about this case, so again, what are they?

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