Auto Store Worker Stabs Customer

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(Memphis) We are learning more about a man who was stabbed at an auto parts store this weekend.

It turns out the victim has a lengthy criminal record.

Demarkus Finnie, an O'Reilly’s Auto Parts employee, is accused of stabbing a customer at the store on South Bellevue.

Some believe the victim may have played a part in the crime.

News Channel 3 found out the clerk, besides a traffic violation, has no prior arrests on his record.

The victim, John Poe, has been arrested dozens of times, including for aggravated assault.

Anthony Bridgewater says he saw the police as soon he got to work Saturday morning, “They already had the crime scene stuff already out there."

Witnesses say Poe tried to return a battery at the store when he got into an argument with 22-year-old Finnie, who was behind the counter.

Police say the argument led the worker to grab a knife and stab Poe twice in the head.

Poe was rushed to The MED.

“I have no idea what made him snap like that,” said Bridgewater.

Anthony says he knows Finnie because he’s purchased phones from him, “When the guy came in to speak to me, he never seemed like he was angry, or nothing like that. He was a really nice guy.”

According to court records, Finnie's only been in trouble with the law for driving on a suspended license, but the man he's accused of stabbing has a long rap sheet, including  burglaries, assaults, and 12 arrests for theft.

Once, Poe was arrested for stealing meat at Save a Lot, a store just down the street from O’Reilly’s, and police say he also got busted stealing batteries from a hardware store.

Whatever the reason for the violence, Anthony says he knows what it's like to have problems with customers and crooks.

“See how we have the bluetooth's on the wall? I guess he saw that and busted the window and ran through there,” said Bridgwater, talking about a recent burglary at his phone store where windows are shattered.

Still, Anthony says instead of lashing out, they are letting police handle the case.

According to family members, Poe is still in the hospital recovering from his stab wounds.

Finnie is in jail, charged with aggravated assault and being held on a $250,000 bond.


  • 4 real?

    I’m glad the people reporting this did a good job in finding out all the facts. Looks like this was a clear cut case of a young man defending himself against a hot headed thug.

  • A. Long

    That’s crazy that the victim after being stabbed in the head twice is put under the microscope because of his prior criminal history.It’s ignorant people like ya’ll that make it hard for a man to change his life around, because you’re always focused on the negative instead of the positive.Everyone isn’t perfect in life and tend to make mistakes, but some people change.I don’t know who was at fault because there wasn’t enough information and I wasn’t there……Get GOD in your life and quit being so judgmental……

  • kathy fitzpatrick

    surely there is a video camera in that store….that may answer a lot of questions. was he alone at work I wonder? Do they not have an emergency button they push when threatened? Just saying…

  • Nekita Green

    His pass don’t have nothing to do with the future. Why bring that up.Were human nobody’s perfect. What if you had a back ground and somebody did the same thing to you what would you do? People can and has changed why jugde Mr. Poe for that. Right is right wrong is wrong.

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