Suspected Rapist Arrested Nearly Six Years After The Crime

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(Memphis) A suspected rapist is behind bars, almost six years after a woman says he forced her to have sex with him in a city park.

Memphis police have not confirmed how they arrested the man this week or what took so long for the arrest.

Parks are supposed to be safe places for kids to play. But for nearly six years, it puzzled Memphis police as to who raped a woman in Lincoln Park.

Investigators say one Saturday morning in February of 2008, a woman was waiting at a bus stop on Elvis Presley and Person.

Marion Walker asked her if she needed a ride.

It was a winter morning and she thought she could trust Walker, who was dressed as a security guard.

The woman gave Walker five bucks to take her where she needed to go.

But detectives say Walker went the wrong way, and instead drove the woman to the park, where he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

Police say someone drove by the car and a startled Walker jumped up, and in seconds, the woman jumped in the backseat to try to get away.

But Walker climbed in the back, grabbed her, and continued to rape her.

“That's terrifying. Her life will never be the same,” said Yvonne Maclin, who lives nearby.

Maclin grew up playing the park, and now she's raising her daughter in the neighborhood.

She says the news reminds her world is not the same, but it’s also a reminder to her daughter:

“Don’t take chances,” said Maclin.

For nearly six years, Walker walked free, until earlier this week when the woman identified him as her rapist.

His freedom is part of the reason Maclin says you have to be careful.

“We never know who is a criminal. You can’t trust people, it’s sad and scary, but be careful,” said Maclin.

Walker is charged with aggravated rape. His bond is set at $1 million.


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