Horn Lake Residents Beg For Help At Intersection

(Horn Lake, MS) People in Horn Lake are hoping for an intervention at Goodman Road and Dunbarton, which they say is a dangerous intersection.

“I hope they do something soon,” resident Arthur Bannard said.

Bannard has seen near misses time and time again.

Then Friday morning, there was a school bus accident at the intersection, one people know all too well in horn lake.

“I don’t even come out in this intersection,” one person said.

“It’s pretty bad,” another said. “They need a red light, bad.”

There’s been a huge outcry for almost two years now.

People say traffic is increasing, and it’s hard to see the other cars coming.

But it’s hard to miss a memorial to 16-year-old Nikki Yager, who died in a traffic crash at the same spot.

“A young lady was in the prime of her life, looking towards the future and that life was taken. how could that not impact somebody?”

The city says it can’t put up a light because Goodman is a state highway.

Mayor Allen Latimer says the state came, looked, and said no light was needed.

“They said it didn’t meet the warrants and the requirements,” the mayor said.

But after Friday morning’s school bus accident, he called back.

He said he thinks this incident, Nikki’s death, and a new Walmart going in blocks away¬† should be enough for the state to see the light.

Bannard, meanwhile, said he doesn’t know what it will take.

“A red light, stoplight, a four-way stop or something,” he said.

But he does know they need to do something before they lose another life.


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