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Memphis Police Arrest Man For Road Rage Incident On Interstate

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(Memphis) Road rage landed a Texas man in the Shelby County Jail after police say he violently drove down the interstate like it was the Wild Wild West.

Two car crashes, violent threats, and a car bashing are some of the things he is accused of.

Tuesday at I -240 near the South Parkway exit, Memphis police say Nicholas Duggan pulled over on the road.

For the last several miles, he had been followed by a woman whose car he hit driving down the highway. She followed him to get him to stop.

“It's a dangerous thing to follow people,” said Memphis driver Reginald Jones.

When Duggan got out, it wasn’t to exchange information. The woman says Duggan had a tire iron in his hand and threatened to kill her.

“People crazy nowadays,” said Memphis driver Timothy Fizer.

Duggan's accused of bashing the woman's car in with the tire iron, smashing her windows, and taking off down the highway again.

“You don’t know what people have nowadays, gun, knife, tire iron,” said Fizer.

A woman driving by started following Duggan.

The Good Samaritan’s trip didn’t end well when they got to the Norris Road exit.

Investigators say Duggan intentionally slammed on his brakes, and the other car crashed into his.

Duggan kept driving, but was arrested about a mile away.

Fizer says he can understand why someone would want to follow a hit-and-run driver, but he wouldn’t want any women in his family to do it.

“Just keep driving, call police, and get home. Don’t try to be Wonder Woman, just get home,” said Fizer.

But woman or not, the trained security guard thinks the best way to handle any road rage is to let police do their job.

“I ain’t about to risk my life,” said Fizer.

Duggan faces aggravated assault, vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident charges. He heads to court next week.


  • Don

    The guy from just got a taste of Memphis Drivers. Memphis drivers are the worst I’ve ever seen. There is no telling what the woman did to make this guy mad. I would bet the woman probably was as fault also. I have at times activated by touching my brake lights to keep someone from tailgating, I wouldn’t think of slamming the brakes.

    • John John

      U are lowdown . The man was driving a fucking 18 Wheeler and rammed her . Then bust her windows out and threatened to kill her

      • John John

        And also . how are you gonna blame a woman that was threatened . And how can she cause him to do that .Your a fucking hypocrite and you should know the story before u try to speak on it

  • YouAreWhiteTrash

    So relieved we’ve got the 50% of the county that is functionally illiterate’s opinion on the matter

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